Libertarian Bill Wohlsifer to Run for Florida Attorney General

H/T Ballot Access News

Tallahassee, Florida intellectual property attorney Bill Wohlsifer has entered the 2014 election to be Florida’s next Attorney General. When Wohlsifer qualifies to be on the ballot, he will be competing with Republican Pam Bondi and whomever wins the Democratic Party’s primary which is currently between Perry Thurston, Jr. and George Sheldon. Wohlsifer filed his candidate paperwork, in person, at the Florida Department of State’s election offices yesterday afternoon and made the following announcement this morning:

“With optimistic enthusiasm I hereby officially announce my candidacy to be your next Attorney General. I filed the candidate papers at the Florida Department of State yesterday, with my wife, at 4:21 PM. I have been “certified” by the Libertarian Party of Florida as a vetted and approved party candidate, making me Florida’s first Libertarian candidate for Attorney General.

Now is the time to make this campaign known. Libertarians do not get the same free press coverage that Republicans and Democrats enjoy, so we rely on grassroots support, from the bottom up, like it should be, not from the top down, which is general what is put upon the voters.

Through social medial, lawn signs, and intelligent discussion we can get the message out that there is a candidate for Florida Attorney General in 2014 that intends to restore and preserve our civil liberties without compromising the rule of law.

I am now accepting volunteers and donations. I particularly need the assistance of a Volunteer Coordinator, a Deputy Treasurer and several Regional Campaign Managers.”

Wohlsifer serves on the Libertarian Party of Florida’s Executive Committee as their Region 3 Representative.

Please visit the Committee to Elect Bill Wohlsifer’s website at, my campaign Facebook page at, Tweet me @wohlsifer and find my professional profile at LinkedIn.

Please Comment, Like, and Share this message, spread the word around, campaign for liberty, support the Committee to Elect Bill Wohlsifer and do your part to help install an Attorney General in Tallahassee that is both fiscally conservative and socially liberal. Thank you! Bill Wohlsifer


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