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Ellen Brown: Why I Am Running for California Treasurer

Governor Jerry Brown and his staff are exchanging high-fives over balancing California’s budget, but the people on whose backs it was balanced are not rejoicing. The state’s high-wire act has been called “the ultimate in austerity budgets.”

I am therefore running for California State Treasurer on a state bank platform, along with Laura Wells, who is running for Controller. We are throwing our bonnets in the ring for the opportunity to show the Governor or his successor that a state-owned bank can be our ticket to returning California to the abundance it once enjoyed.

I was a recipient of that abundance myself. I got my undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley in the 1960s, when tuition was free; and my law degree at UCLA Law School in the 1970s, when tuition was $700 a year. Today it is $13,000 and $45,000 annually, respectively, for in-state students. In the 1960s, the governor of California was Jerry Brown’s father Pat Brown, a New Deal visionary who believed that investment in education, infrastructure and local business was an investment in the future. Our goal is to revive that optimistic vision in 2014.

We are running on the endorsement of the Green Party — along with Luis Rodriguez for governor and David Curtis for secretary of state — because Green Party candidates take no corporate money. Candidates who take corporate money — and that means nearly all conventional candidates — are beholden to large corporate interests and cannot properly represent the interests of the disenfranchised 99%.

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  1. Gene Berkman Gene Berkman January 16, 2014

    Ellen Brown is author of the book “Web of Debt” which is an attack on the current banking system in the United States. She contends that the Federal Reserve is privately owned, and proposes government owned banks issuing fiat currency to end the debt trap that America finds itself in.

    Gary North has written a detailed refutation of the history and economics in her book. Of significance is her belief that Germany in 1933 began to free itself from the international banking cartel, when the National Socialist Party took power. Gary North gives details on her cheerleading of the Third Reich @

    Her book and her speeches are getting attention because of the very real problem of government and private debt, but her proposals are the same greenback nonsense that lame radicals have been proposing for 150 years.

  2. Green Party Voter Green Party Voter January 17, 2014

    Ellen Brown is a very attractive Green Party candidate. Wise Green Party policies. Smart Green Party campaign. Thanks for Green Party post.

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