Libertarian Party Platform Committee to Meet in Indianapolis, May 2-3-4

Joe Buchman, 2014 Interim Chair of the Libertarian Platform Committee made the following announcement earlier today:

“Indianapolis, Indiana; May 2-3-4, will be place and date of our pre-Convention, working platform meeting.”

The exact meeting location has yet to be finalized, but will be within a reasonable distance of the Indianapolis airport.

A process to guarantee a seat in the observer’s gallery and/or online streaming will be announced at a later date.

All 10 of the LNC appointed At Large members, seven of the ten state representatives, and both of the LNC At Large alternates have indicated their availability and commitment to attend this meeting.

An Initial Agenda (NOTE: Subject to change) has been proposed:

Friday May 2

Optional Social Event, TBD

Saturday May 3

8:30AM optional continental breakfast in meeting room.

9:00AM call to order
election of permanent chair
election of secretary
approval/modification of proposed agenda

1:00PM working lunch served

5:30PM adjourn. transportation to At Large member Sam Goldstein’s BBQ/Kentucky Derby Day party

6:00PM arrival at Sam’s BBQ

6:15 PM to 7:45PM BBQ (This “First Saturday in May” will see the 124th “Run for the Roses” (post time 6:24pm)).

7:45PM transportation back to meeting site.

8:15PM to . . . informal working groups

Sunday May 4

9:00AM call to order

12:30PM working lunch served
(determination of our Columbus, Ohio meeting date/time (eg one or two days prior, exact times to request of the Convention Organizing Committee))

4:00PM adjourn/first departures for airport completion of business . . .

6:00PM optional social event for those staying till Monday. Joe Buchman is hosting “Dinner at White Castle” with all the sliders you can eat for those who have never been to a White Castle before.

IPR intends to offer live blogging of the business portion of the event.

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14 thoughts on “Libertarian Party Platform Committee to Meet in Indianapolis, May 2-3-4

  1. Joseph Buchman Post author

    So I chose Indianapolis over other options primarily because 7 of our 10 members can drive there rather than fly, one of the locals offered to host a BBQ for us as an expression of gratitude for the travel money saved, and including airfare, hotel and other travel costs this was, IMO, the lowest cost option for the group as a whole compared to Chicago, Orlando, Charlotte or DC or wherever the LNC will have their next meeting, Las Vegas, Park City (UT) and others.

    I chose the first weekend of May because the rest of May is booked in Indianapolis by Indy 500 related events, because two of the 20 members could not make any earlier date, and to maximize the opportunity for all of us to visit state conventions for feedback/ideas.

    Frankly my personal preference was April 5th in Las Vegas (I’ll be there for the NAB convention), and I, for one, would have gladly purchased a ticket to Wes Wagner’s proposed pre-meeting keynote on Friday night.

    I regret that won’t happen as planned but remain hopeful Wes, as the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Oregon, will choose to attend our Indianapolis meeting; IMO he has a plethora of out-of-the-box useful ideas for Big L Libertarian Party members; ideas which some of us might see more as simply “libertarian” or “Freedom Loving” or simply based on the “non-initiation-with-morally-required-response-to-Initiation-of-Aggression Principle” ideas. Why those seem “out-of-the-box” to Big L Party Members is worth an examination (and then extermination, of the perspective if not the people) IMO.

    I’d also like to see other state officers, elected Libertarians, national officers or committee members, and interested Libertarians contribute to this committee. I encourage all of the above to contact one or more Platform Committee members in advance of the meeting to share your ideas and/or come to the meeting in person to observe our work (we’ll announce a process for that once we’re clear on the capacity of our meeting room).

    Those who desire their contact information to be made public have published it at:

    General inquiries and suggestions can be sent to:

    2014libertarianplatform at gmail dot com


  2. paulie

    Yeah, but I’m not big on fast food at all. Subway is about the only one I care for and I haven’t really been doing that hardly at all lately. More of a sit down, full service restaurants…it’s an expensive habit but I’ve had other even more expensive addictions before. BTW, how did we get on that subject? LOL.

  3. Stewart Flood

    I thought that White Castle sliders were banned under the Kyoto Treaty…


    You really need to stop that. Eating at full service restaurants is one of the first signs of being sucked into the LNC collective…

    Pretty soon you’ll be speaking in parliamentarian pig-latin and quoting Roberts.

    Then come the ties…

  4. paulie

    You really need to stop that. Eating at full service restaurants is one of the first signs of being sucked into the LNC collective…

    I for one welcome our new nerdy overlords.

    Pretty soon you’ll be speaking in parliamentarian pig-latin and quoting Roberts.

    I challenge the ruling of the provisional chair!

    Then come the ties…

    That’s always the next to last step. After that, the scaffold…

  5. Michael H. Wilson

    Paulie you reminded me I need to find an In and Out Burger place. I’ve heard they are great.

  6. Starchild

    A Yahoo group has been set up for online discussions among members of the 2014 Libertarian Party Platform Committee —

    Only Platform Committee members and alternates can post to this group, but anyone can join the group on a read-only basis (you will need to establish a free account with Yahoo if you do not already have one). Libertarian Party members are particularly welcome and encouraged to do so.

    Persons not on the committee wishing to give input on the discussion can always email Platform Committee members individually. A list of committee members, along with email addresses for some of those members, here —

    Or if you write to me and request it, I’ll forward your comment to the list (so long as you’re coming from a generally libertarian point of view — I see no need to forward comments suggesting that the LP take a clearly un-libertarian stance on some issue). You can reach me at RealReform[at]earthlink{dot}net.

    If you agree with me that each member of a bylaws-mandated or LNC-established committee should have his or her contact info (at least email, if not phone) listed on the page linked above, along with information about what these committees do, when and where they meet, and how LP members and other interested persons can follow their proceedings, please contact your Libertarian National Committee representatives (listed at ) and let them know.

    Remember, without organizational transparency — and the active engagement of its members — an organization has no effective accountability!

    Love & Liberty,
    ((( starchild )))
    At-Large Alternate, 2014 Libertarian Party Platform Committee
    (415) 625-FREE

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