Reform Party Mourns the Loss of Janice Miller

The Reform Party is saddened by the lost of Janice Miller. Five months after announcing that she was diagnosed with lung cancer, Janice passed away, on February 8th, peacefully in her home. She was 71.

As a long time member of the organization, she helped found the Reform Party and was a delegate in its first national convention. She was inspired to help form the party when she worked on the first Ross Perot campaign in 1992.

Janice was an outstanding member of the Reform Party organization, and a formable pillar of strength. During trying times, she and her husband, Ruben Hernandez, were responsible for keeping the Florida affiliate alive. Due to her efforts, the Reform Party was able to field a presidential candidate on the Florida ballot in 2012. It was the only state where the party had ballot access.

As one of three Reform Party officeholders, she showed courage by standing when it was unpopular stand. According to other members of the city council, Janice was outspoken and passionate about her beliefs.

“Everyone knew where she stood on an issue,” said former mayor Jerry Beverland.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that according to Mayor Doug Bevis, one of her greatest contributions to the city was the creation of Oldsmar’s Citizen’s Academy, where residents can enroll to learn more about the city and city government. After he learned Ms. Miller had cancer, Bevis encouraged the city to rename it “the Janice Miller Citizens Academy”.

The Reform Party sends its support to her family and friends. The organization also understands that her shoes will be hard to fill, but points to her accomplishments in life as an example of what people can achieve through strength and courage.


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