America’s Party of Florida Needs $500

From America’s Party Facebook:

A few years ago I helped found a new political party. We put Alan Keyes for President on the ballot in Florida in 2008. We now need $500 for our America’s Party audit which is due to the state by April 1, 2014. Please send check for what you can give as soon as possible:
America’s Party of Florida to
1894 Glenwood St. NE
Palm Bay, FL 32907

Gregory Poulos
Chairman, America’s Party of Florida

America’s Party’s official position is to take no campaign contributions at all. However, Florida state law requires parties to receive at least five hundred dollars in donations in order to remain ballot qualified.

6 thoughts on “America’s Party of Florida Needs $500

  1. langa

    There’s something quite amusing about seeing a party bragging about their association with Alan Keyes, and then, in the very next sentence, asking for a handout.

  2. Matt Cholko

    Can’t the guy just donate it himself, then pay himself $500 for something? Or, if that’s too overt, maybe he can just funnel it through a friend.

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