Effort to Draft Senator Bernie Sanders as a Green Party Candidate in 2016

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(The following was posted on a Facebook page that is dedicated to the effort of encouraging the junior senator of Vermont, Bernie Sanders, to run as a Green Party candidate for President in 2016.)

We petition Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont—a progressive independent—to reach out to prominent Green Party members such as Jill Stein and to seek the Green Party nomination for president in 2016. Sanders has called for a “political revolution” in the United States and has announced that he might run for president. He has a small window of opportunity to help make that political revolution happen by helping to build the Green Party, which exists in direct opposition to the current two-party system.

Sanders cannot win the Democratic primary. Raising progressive issues within the Democratic primary does nothing to change the course of the neoliberal Hillary Clinton and the course of the Democratic Party, just as campaigns by Dennis Kucinich and others have not changed the direction of the Democratic Party. Running within the Democratic primary results in millions and millions of Sanders supporters investing in and supporting Democratic neoliberalism–not progress.

Please join us by asking Sanders to reach out to Jill Stein and others and to seek the Green Party nomination. A political revolution will not happen by tinkering within the Democratic Party or by going alone as an independent; if Sanders is going to run, and if he wishes his campaign to have a lasting effect, then he needs a party, and the party best positioned to do this is the Green Party.

Ask Bernie Sanders to seek the Green nomination by signing, sharing, and promoting our petition: HERE

(The effort to draft Senator Sanders as a Green Party candidates has been covered in various other publications and can be viewed Here,  and Here.)

22 thoughts on “Effort to Draft Senator Bernie Sanders as a Green Party Candidate in 2016

  1. Joshua Fauver Post author

    I think the idea of Senator Sanders running as the Green Party candidate, or at the very least outside of the duopoly is an intriguing and promising one. I think he has the potential to create a potentially very powerful coalition on the left. He is a self professed Democratic socialist and very much a progressive and therefore, if the Green Party candidate in 2016 he has the potential to, and we’ve seen them praising him already, parties such as the Socialist Alternative Party, and the Progressive Party of Vermont, and other leftist parties into his campaign. Not only that but he could potentially garner the endorsements of people such as Jill Stein, Rocky Anderson, Marianne Williamson, Cynthia McKinney, possibly even Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich. I think he stands a much greater chance of inspiring the “political revolution” he’s wanting an having a greater impact in the political discourse if he run outside of the two major parties.

  2. Nathan Norman

    Not going to happen. He will run as Democrat. Hopefully Ke$ha Rogers will run also.

  3. DSZ

    I remember watching CSPAN some 6-8 years ago when gas prices jumped up suddenly to over $4.00 per gallon, then-Representative Sanders gave a speech calling for President Bush to “pressure the Saudis to open the tap” and sell us more oil. So basically let’s just burn as much gasoline as usual and not learn anything from the price hike experience. Some Green policy that was.

  4. Deran

    This is really just one guy’s smart use of social media to promote his personal campaign to get Bernie Sanders to run for US President as a Green. This will never happen. The Greens tried for years to get Sanders when he was Mayor of Burlington, and then when he was a Representative. if he saw anything useful to him in the Greens he would have joined already. Among every other Green the talk is of anothe Jill Stein Presidential campaign.

    I think that Sanders was considering, or at least threatening, a run for President outside of the Democratic Parrty last winter. But in recent interviews he has made it abundantly clear tht he does not want to be a “spoiler” Sanders has been addressing gatherings of that Democrat group, Progressive Democrats of America. And he is making no talk about building any independent campaign infrastructure.

    I think ther eis an off chance he might do a John Anderson and go independent after Hillary Clinton is nominated, but I fear it is more likely Sanders will end up being another Dennis Kucinich – a trap for the Left to keep them in the Democratic Party. Which would be a sad way to end his political career. imo.

  5. paulie

    Why doesn’t Kesha Rogers seek the Green Presidential nom?

    LaRouchies are about as far from being environmentalist as you can possibly get.

  6. julieanna

    His integrity–who he is and what values he practices and espouse–is more in tune with the Green Party – OR – going Indpendent (which might be better, since that’s what he was and is labeled as Rep and now Senator. Democrats? Maybe the Progressive Dems of America–not a party but an Influence—but just how MUCH influence does PDA have, really, on the Democrats and in this country?

    All “leftists”, no matter how he runs, should get on the Bernie Bandwagon – and Elizabeth Warren, I feel, should run with him as VP!!!

  7. julieanna

    EDITED comment (!):

    Bernie’s integrity–who he is and what Values he practices and espouses–is more in tune with the Green Party than the PDA even. OR – going Independent might be the way (since that’s what he was and is labeled as Rep and now Senator).

    Maybe, as suggested above, running as a Dem, then, if he doesn’t win, an Independent could be “the way” – and wouldn’t necessarily be a “watered down” effort. Even if Hillary wraps it up and gets the nomination, etc., the MESSAGE can continue. It can have a positive impact on the evolving of this country/the USofA!.

    Democrats? Maybe the Progressive Dems of America–not a party but an Influence—could be his vehicle, but just how MUCH real influence does PDA have, really, on the Democrats and in this country?

    All Pprogressives”, even disenchanted “liberal Repubs” and some “Libertarians”, even, no matter how he runs, should get on the Bernie Bandwagon – and Elizabeth Warren, I feel, should run with him as VP!!!

    Coming to mind–all the Progressive-type supporters:

    Justice Party
    Socialist parties
    Peace & Freedom Party
    Reform Party (if still going?)
    Natural Law Party
    Oregon Progressive Party (as well as others there, Greens, etc.)
    Vermont Progressive Party
    Progressive Dems of America
    some Libertarians who lean “left” on certain issues
    maybe even some Constitution Party members

    and very important INDEPENDENTS who are not affiliated with ANY party… Bernie, as often being an “Independent”, can certainly connect with such people purporting their being “independent” !!

    A huge COALITION of the above independent parties and orgs could get behind Bernie!! NOT have their own presidential candidates this time around, but to get on the Bernie Bandwagon – for a WIN, not just an “influence”. A WIN!! Why?

    Because statistics show that there are MORE independents and third party members than Repubs; and those independents and third part members outweigh the Dems, too–it is reason to think in terms of a WIN! IF ONLY they, these above groups and more, could COALESCE just for a BERNIE and Sen. Elizabeth Warren VP – run!!

    Go for the WIN, not just the “influence”!!!

    BLAZE ON, BERNIE! and –
    Progressives and Indys – GET ON THE BERNIE BANDWAGON–across the country!!

  8. Michael Trudeau

    ^ Bernie will run as a Democrat and that is exactly why there should be no Bernie bandwagon. He cannot win the Democratic primary, and your strategy helps ensure that the entire left ends up supporting the neoliberal Clinton. This is exactly what the corporate-capitalist Democratic Party wants. This is already the Democratic Party’s greatest success. It has become a corporate umbrella group for the left so that it can neutralize the left. It is imperative that the left run OUTSIDE the Democratic Party. It cannot change the party and indeed it is not changing the party.

  9. julieanna

    I’m a bit confused by your reply. You are saying on the one hand that Bernie is going to run as a Democrat…and because he can’t win, then he is enabling the corporate Democrats to win. Yet you say that the left must run OUTSIDE the Democratic Party. Which, then?

    My “strategy” is, no matter what ticket / or independent ticket he runs on, a Coalition of the Progressives should get behind him. Third Parties and Independents make up MORE than either the Dems or Repugs alone. They/Progressives could actually win it IF they truly Coalesced for backing only Bernie. And perhaps some Democrats who don’t like Hillary would come along as well.

    I realize that’s ideal, and people may not fall in line to do that.


    Please clarify what you mean?!

  10. julieanna

    Okay, if Bernie didn’t win, and he was the only “third party” candidate, that doesn’t mean people would necessarily go ahead and vote for Hillary; one has the right to vote for Mickey Mouse! or whoever you wish to write in…. or not to vote, so that Hillary doesn’t “look as good” as could!!

    Are you a debunker of Hillary agitators b.t.w.?! 🙂

  11. julieanna

    Here’s a comment from a friend of mine, just sent to me, and I tend to agree:

    Today at 2:30 PM

    Bernie wouldn’t be a serious challenge to the Dems who are almost as bad as the Repubs. As an Independent he has a greater chance of being listened to as more and more people are being disillusioned by the entrenched two party system and are registering as Independents or Third Party.

  12. mARS

    I disagree with Sanders on virtually every issue, but I’d definitely like to see him run as a third party candidate in 2016.

  13. paulie

    I disagree with Sanders on virtually every issue,

    You disagree with him on peace and civil liberties issues?

    What about corporate bailouts, is he for those? I assume you are against them, correct?

  14. Green_w_o_Adjectives

    If Sanders wanted the Green nomination he’d have a good chance of getting it.

    I’d prefer someone younger with less connection to the (discredited) system. The Green Party 2016 presidential run will be about environmental sustainability, peace and economic justice.

    Personally I’d prefer it if the Greens nominate someone like Richard Wolfe as it would be alot of fun seeing him debate Libertarians. Any suitable academic type who is willing to go through the trouble of running should be considered.

  15. paulie

    If Sanders wanted the Green nomination he’d have a good chance of getting it.

    Key word being if. The available evidence is that he will almost certainly run as a Democrat if he runs at all. And even if he goes off the reservation, I doubt it would be as a Green.

  16. julieanna

    The fact that Bernie Sanders is “older” and very experienced – is a plus, I feel. Richard D. Wolff is terrific as an economist and speaker…does he have what it takes to deal with the Congress as it is, corrupt as it is? I think he wants to tout businesses to change to worker owned co-ops – grassroots businesses in the making – a great way to challenge “corporations”. Bernie, on the other hand, has dealt with this Congress and has motivated things to get done in his state of Vermont and for the nation, to a degree.

    I think his running as an Independent is more his integrity. PDA wants him to run as a “Democrat”. I think PDA ought to form their OWN party as is: Progressive Democrats of America, and forget their “home” party of Democrats – who are part of the problem!! warmongers too…corporate supported, corporate manipulated!! Independent for Bernie – or maybe Green Party…

  17. Michael Trudeau

    @ julieanna, you asked me to clarify my comment. Bernie Sanders is probably going to join the Democratic Party. That is bad. That is bad because it brings progressives in under the umbrella of the corporate Democratic Party and it keeps them there once Sanders loses the primary to Clinton and endorses her. That is what is going to happen. A few will not vote for Clinton, but most will because they are attracted to Sanders. That is bad. What the corporate duopoly most fears is that progressives run outside of the Democratic Party on third-party tickets and build movements. Because this threatens the duopoly. You do not threaten the duopoly by joining the duopoly. It neutralizes you if you join it–indeed, that is why despite all of the progressive Democrats in office (the Progressive Caucus is the largest Democratic caucus on Capitol Hill, for instance), progressives STILL have not changed the course of the Democratic Party. So this is why there should be no “Bernie bandwagon.” There should be no Bernie bandwagon without very specific conditions–namely, that he must not join the Democrats. He must remain independent of them. And preferably he should seek a coalition of left-wing parties to back him and to build. That is how you challenge the corporate duopoly.

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