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Libertarian Andrew Hunt for Governor in Georgia Polling 9%

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On April 29, Survey USA released a Georgia poll, including a gubernatorial general election poll. The results: Republican incumbent Nathan Deal 41%, Democrat Jason Carter 37%, Libertarian Andrew Hunt 9%, undecided 13%. See here for more detail.

If Hunt did poll 9%, that would be the highest share of the vote for a Georgia gubernatorial candidate running outside the major parties since 1898, when the Peoples Party nominee J. R. Hogan got 30.2% of the vote in a two-candidate race. If the Libertarians could get 9% for Governor, a proposed lawsuit that would argue it is unconstitutional to keep that party off the ballot for U.S. House races (unless a petition is completed that is so difficult, it has never been used by any new or minor party) would be overwhelmingly strong. Thanks to PoliticalWire for the link.

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  1. Matt Cholko Matt Cholko May 2, 2014

    I understand that poll numbers are a significant statistic in our “sport”. But, for Libertarians in big races, they’re about as meaningful as a pitcher’s batting average. .

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