Libertarian to Paul Ryan: Former Del. Buckley is “Real Republican” for WV Sen, Not Shelley Moore Capito

From a Press Release reposted to Huntington News:

Fmr. Del. John Buckley,Libertarian Party candidate in the three-way contest for United States Senate, noted today that his political positions are closer to the small government grassroots of the Republican Party than his GOP opponent’s, Rep. Shelley Moore Capito.

“If the label ‘Republican’ means anything substantively, then I’m the real ‘Republican’ in the race for Senate,” Buckley declared.

“Ms. Capito is bringing in Rep. Paul Ryan to West Virginia, the 2012 GOP nominee for Vice President, in order to bask in the reflected glow of his voting record, but it’s understandable her desire to bury her own record as deep as possible,” he added.

“For instance, I’m pro-life; Ms. Capito is pro-Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion.

I’m for cutting spending; Ms. Capito is a Washington big-spender.

I will fight against Obamacare; Ms. Capito has already thrown in the towel and keeps predicting it’ll never be repealed,” Buckley elaborated.

According to the pro-free enterprise Club for Growth, Paul Ryan has a lifetime rating of 85% in favor of economic liberty, whereas Rep. Capito has an anemic lifetime rating of only 50%. The organization FreedomWorks rates Rep. Ryan a strong 81% rating, but Rep. Capito earns a measly 58%.

“Whether you call it ‘putting lipstick on a pig’ or just the same-old phony politics of the professional politicians, there’s no getting around that Shelley Capito is no conservative,” said Buckley, a former Republican state legislator and an elector in 1980 for Ronald Reagan.

“If Ms. Capito is so proud of her ‘moderate,’ ‘middle-of-the-road’ voting record, why is she so desperate to hide behind Paul Ryan?”

“True advocates of limited government, including thousands of registered Republicans, are turning to Buckley for Senate,” Buckley claims.

“As 3rd Congressional District GOP candidate Evan Jenkins is advertising, it’s not party label that counts; what counts is what a candidate stands for,” said Buckley.

About John Buckley

John Buckley was elected as a Republican to the Virginia House of Delegates in 1979. He also served as a member of the Electoral College in support of Ronald Reagan in 1980. He is retired from a career at the United States Court of Federal Claims, during which he served variously as the chief administrator of the Court as well as Chief of Staff and career law clerk to the Chief Judge.

10 thoughts on “Libertarian to Paul Ryan: Former Del. Buckley is “Real Republican” for WV Sen, Not Shelley Moore Capito

  1. paulie

    If John Buckley reads this, were you assistant to Ron Crickenberger with 2000 ballot access? If so you were on the road with us in Illinois and other states… I just made the connection. I think I have talked to you on the phone and possibly in person more recently and did not connect the two. Also, same person who has moved back and forth between VA and WV at least a couple of times? I was talking to a person who was considering possibly running in WV in 2009 and then moved to VA, and then I believe you moved from VA to WV again in time for this campaign…all you?

  2. paulie

    Perhaps because he knows he can’t win their nomination, especially against an incumbent.

    Also, it may be a single message geared towards peeling away Republicans, not necessarily the theme of the whole campaign and all its messaging (it may or may not be).

  3. paulie

    From that link:

    Privacy & Civil Liberties

    A government big enough to give you all the things you want is also big enough to take away from you all that you have. Whether the government is acting as Big Brother or as Big Nanny, it is a threat to our liberty, to our right to live our lives as we each see fit. There is a unifying thread to many issues of privacy and property rights: the National Security Agency’s warrantless spying on phone calls, the authority affirmed by the National Defense Authorization Act to confine American citizens without Constitutional protection whatsoever – indefinitely! – on mere suspicion of “association” (whatever that means) with terrorism, law enforcement agencies tracing the movements of our automobiles, asset forfeiture as a tool in the “war” on drugs, the increased militarization of domestic law enforcement, abuse of the IRS to impede First Amendment rights, as well as the comparably less significant but nonetheless patronizing and intrusive attempts by government agencies to ban or otherwise control the foods or drugs we consume. These actions reveal a government out of control, treating Americans as conquered subjects, to be regulated, suppressed, cowed. It reminds one of the Hunger Games, where the “districts” had to be kept down lest they undermine the authority of the central government.

    I will fight to restore and protect civil liberties and privacy.

    Sounds libertarian to me.

  4. Jed Ziggler Post author

    I believe by “real Republican” it means he’s for the republic. Like small r republican. I could be wrong though.

  5. paulie

    No, he does make it clear in the piece that he is saying he is closer to the grassroots of the Republican Party than their RINO Senator who he is running against. But I also think that’s just a sales pitch, based on what else he says on his website.

  6. Matt Cholko

    I know Mr. Buckley personally, and I am 100% certain that this is a sales pitch. He is a libertarian, and he’s running for senate with a goal of growing the LP. He is also well aware that the LP is not very strong in WV, and I believe that he is working to change that.

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