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Connecticut Poll Shows Green Nominee for State Treasurer at 8%

Rolf Maurer

From Ballot Access News:

On August 8, Gravis Polls released a Connecticut poll, including State Treasurer. The results: Democrat Denise Nappier 39%, Republican Tim Herbst 28%, Green Party nominee Rolf Maurer 8%, undecided 25%. Those three candidates are the only ones on the November ballot.

Editor’s note: Maurer is also running for Comptroller. You can visit his campaign Facebook page here.


  1. mARS mARS August 10, 2014

    I think it’s a New England thing–Rhode Island and Vermont also allow candidates to run for multiple offices at once. I’m unsure what laws are on the books if they win both, though.

  2. Joshua Katz Joshua Katz August 10, 2014

    My guess is he cannot hold both. I doubt that is a serious concern.

  3. Jed Ziggler Jed Ziggler Post author | August 10, 2014

    Vermont also allows candidates to run for two offices at once. Cris Ericson does it all the time. This year she’s running for Governor and U.S. House as an independent.

    Not sure what happens if you’d win both, but I’d guess you pick one and a special election would be held for the other.

  4. AndyCraig AndyCraig August 10, 2014

    How is he running for two offices simultaneously? With the exception of a few states that allow simultaneous Presidential candidacies (so incumbent Congressmen can be re-elected while running for Pres/VP), I wasn’t aware any state allowed that. Seems to totally undermine whatever purpose was being separating the two positions in the first place.

    What happens if wins (granted a fairly theoretical concern)? Does he actually draw two salaries and hold two offices then?

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