Thomas Ravenel: Lindsey Graham Needs to Give Us a Price Tag, Body Count, for His Vision in Iraq

Lowcountry businessman and independent U.S. Senate candidate Thomas Ravenel today issued the following statement challenging Lindsey Graham to stop “warmongering and fearmongering” and provide taxpayers with the specific costs associated with his vision for Iraq.

During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” Graham said U.S. president Barack Obama needed to “go on the offensive” against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“First of all, I’m confused by Senator Graham’s statements,” Ravenel said. “Didn’t his buddy John McCain recently pose with ISIS fighters that our government supported in Syria? How exactly does he square that? Why would we support ISIS in one country yet bomb it in another?”

Ravenel also said Graham’s “if we don’t go there, they will come here” argument was nothing but “recycled McCain rhetoric.”

“John McCain spouted the same nonsense in 2008,” Ravenel said. “Nobody bought it then, and nobody’s buying it now. Here’s my challenge to Lindsey Graham: Stop fearmongering using other people’s sound bites – and other people’s blood and treasure – and give us some hard numbers. Tell us exactly how much is it going to cost to mold Iraq into the country you want it to be? We know trillions of dollars and thousands of lives have already been lost there in the name of ‘nation-building’ – yet the situation is worse than it’s ever been. So tell us Senator: How many more trillions of dollars is it going to take? How many more dead heroes? How many more lost limbs? How many more shattered families? How many more PTSD victims?”

Ravenel said Graham needed to provide those numbers to the people of South Carolina at a series of citizen-led town hall debates proposed by Ravenel last month. Graham has yet to respond to Ravenel’s challenge.

“It’s telling that Linsdey Graham had time to appear on yet another insider talk show in Washington, D.C. – yet he still refuses to answer to the people by participating in the citizen-led town hall debates I’ve proposed,” Ravenel said. “Every candidate in this race needs to stand before the people and hear their views and answer their questions – especially Lindsey Graham.”

To read more on Thomas Ravenel’s views on Graham and terrorism, CLICK HERE.


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  1. cristo

    It’s called the most exclusive debating club, the U.S. Senate. And that’s all they are good for – debating.

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