Nicholas Sarwark: ‘Show Up. Be Nice. Win!’

Brian Irving at Liberty Point:

The formula for Libertarian candidate success is rather simple: Show up. Be nice. Win. That will be the message of Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark in his keynote address to the Libertarian Party of North Carolina State Convention April 11.

sarwark_nicholas.pngSarwak said that when Libertarians run for office consistently, it shows people who aren’t libertarian that we’re a political party that’s here to stay, and will be here when they need us.

When we do show up, we should be nice. The means focusing on finding areas of agreement with people, rather than trying to win arguments. This builds relationships that will last long after the election.

“If we do these two things, and keep at it, we can win in the short and long term.” he concludes.

Join us April 10-12, 2015 at the Hilton Garden Inn on Miami Blvd (just off I-40), Durham.

IPR missed reposting this before the speech, but will post video if we receive it. For anyone in North Carolina that did not know about the convention and would like to go, you can still catch the tail end of it today. It’s a busy weekend for LNC chair Nick Sarwark, as he will also be on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal from 8:30 AM to 9:15 AM Eastern time today and just put out a new press release about the murder of Walter Scott by South Carolina police and the epidemic of police violence in the US.

14 thoughts on “Nicholas Sarwark: ‘Show Up. Be Nice. Win!’

  1. Michael H. Wilson

    Being nice or as I prefer being polite and avoiding being rude should be something that people strive for within the party. Stop abusing RRO to get your way. The rudeness has finally taken its toll on me and I have stopped being as involved as previously. I know a number of others who have made a similar decision. The break is nice.

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    The rudeness and disrespect in Ca has reached such terrible levels that I’ve actually taken a leave of absence from leadership until after the convention. Within one week, one troublesome member of our group, who has a history of causing trouble within the state party for over six years, stood up and yelled for about 5 minutes in the restaurant that has hosted us for the past few years. Then a few days later, he shut down the entire San Bernardino County meeting withing 15 minutes of its starting with another rant. Having thick skin is one thing, but there has to be a baseline of respect for one another and at least some decency. Southern CA LP no longer has enough of it, and I refuse to be part of that.

  3. Michael H. Wilson

    Actions that would never be tolerated in the workplace seem to be acceptable to some in the LP and then we expect people who are not being paid to stick around and put up with such nonsense.

  4. paulie Post author

    LP infighting is certainly a real concern, but I take the “be nice” part of Nick’s message here to be more along the lines of finding things in common with people in the general public who are not necessarily libertarians. Most people do agree with us on at least some things, but all too often we tend to zero in on disagreements rather than agreements, not just with each other but with people in the larger world outside the LP.

  5. Nicholas Sarwark

    My “be nice” applies internally and externally.

    I don’t consider it acceptable behavior within our party to be rude to each other. We often differ over policies, philosophy, and strategy, but if you can’t do that without being mean, learn.

    We are too small a party to engage in petty infighting. I mean for our party to grow, but part of that growth is from not losing people to drama and rudeness.

  6. paulie Post author

    Very true. I am trying to be better and encourage others to be better in that respect. Admittedly, it’s not easy.

  7. Jill Pyeatt

    Nicholas said:

    “I don’t consider it acceptable behavior within our party to be rude to each other. We often differ over policies, philosophy, and strategy, but if you can’t do that without being mean, learn.

    We are too small a party to engage in petty infighting. I mean for our party to grow, but part of that growth is from not losing people to drama and rudeness”.

    I completely agree, and I’m taking a stand against the bad behavior. If it doesn’t clear up after our state convention, I won’t be back.

  8. LibertyDave

    Oh No! Oregon’s infighting is spreading to the neighboring states. First there were problems with Nevada and National, and now California and Washington are affected. Watch out Idaho.

  9. Nice and Dead

    It’s really “nice” to screw over activists (whose work always results in ballot access), and reward non-party hacks (who produce lost ballot access). Oh wait, that’s not nice at all, it’s just that most people are unaware of it. So, I guess the real message is: “Be as shitty and back-stabbing as you like, so long as you’re on the LNC, and nobody’s paying attention.”

    You could claim that this constitutes a part of “not showing up” and “not being nice.” Of course, it takes far more than these general platitudes to understand what’s really going on in the LP, which is why the LP is not taken seriously, nor should it be.

    Run for water commissioner, run for dogcatcher, take the burden off of the state running for state offices that the state has trouble recruiting for.

    Some “liberty.”

    When there are five or ten people who want to be placed on the ballot simultaneously with statewide candidates, and you’ve got activists who are willing to put them on the ballot, be sure to fire them. Put them under mercenary hacks, whose terrible work consistently results in lawsuits, lost signatures, and anti-liberty “outreach.” Run the LP like the Post Office, with Bill Redpath controlling every last dollar raised.

    The LP is a complete joke, as it is intended to be. It is a pressure release valve used to identify those who are unhappy with “Big Brother.”

    The best thing any Libertarian can do is re-read “1984” and ask themselves if they really want to contribute to the world described in that book. If not, they should get involved with their State Libertarian Parties, and ignore absolutely everything the National LP does. They shouldn’t look to National for help, support, or intelligence of any kind, nor should they accept any help, support, or advice from National.

    The State parties that would die without National should die.

    The National LP is a control mechanism designed (consciously or not), by the LNC and the incumbent state. In this case, the State’s actors are probably the only party with conscious knowledge of what is going on.

  10. Nicholas Sarwark

    Jill, it doesn’t clear up by the nice people going away in the face of bad behavior. Showing up means staying and being an example of how one should treat others.

    Even the mean ones.

  11. Jill Pyeatt

    I definitely agree with what you’re saying, Nick, although I’ve tried to wait things out. I simply cannot be effective anymore if I can’t keep meetings from being disrupted. It takes other people to support me and back up the basics of order, and I suddenly don’t have that support. I’ll reassess after our convention, which is at the end of May.

  12. Nicholas Sarwark

    Nobody should be allowed to be disruptive in meetings and there are provisions for dealing with that. But it’s important for the people who want change not to cede the field to those who want to continue the grand tradition of circular firing squads, purges, and eating our young.

  13. Jill Pyeatt

    I absolutely agree that those trying to move the party forward shouldn’t give up, Nicholas. I plan to go back.

    I guess I’m just taking a two-month break to restore my energy. I DO think we’ll sort things out at the convention.

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