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Red Phillips: Steve Stockman on the Issues

Steve Stockman

Red Phillips at Conservative Heritage Times:

As I reported below, an effort to draft Steve Stockman to run for President, likely as the Constitution Party nominee, has sprung up on Facebook. Here is a brief look at some info I have found on Stockman on the issues that matter, meaning the issues that would distinguish him from the rest of the conservative pack.

On immigration he’s rock solid. He’s anti-amnesty and anti-negotiations on “comprehensive immigration reform.” He has taken a position on the birthright citizenship issue which not every tough on immigration conservative is willing to do. He calls for a constitutional amendment which I don’t think is necessary, since birthright citizenship is a misreading of the 14th amendment anyway, but it’s a start. I don’t see anything at the link on restricting legal immigration, which is imperative for the future prospects of anything remotely resembling the conservative agenda. I suspect he is good on this, but I would like to see a statement.

On trade he’s rock solid also. He opposes NAFTA, GATT and the WTO. Unfortunately he opposes lifting the embargo on Cuba and is for making civil rights a factor in trade. The embargo on Cuba is not really about trade. It is an interventionist foreign policy position that is a relic of the Cold War. As far as human rights, trade is an economic issue. Making human rights a factor in trade is turning trade into an instrument of a meddlesome interventionist foreign policy.

On foreign policy, he’s promising. He supports foreign aid only for defense purposes. I believe we should abolish foreign aid entirely, but this is a start. Unfortunately he opposes diplomatic relations with Cuba. Again, our relationship with Cuba is a Cold War relic and should be normalized. From the link Stockman believes “The US should use military force only when the US border or territories are attacked or American citizens are in danger.” The way it reads, I believe this is indicating how he answered a survey question.

The overall sense I get is of someone who is inclined to oppose and naysay things. This would explain not wanting to change the status of our current relationship with Cuba and opposition to “most favored nation” status for China. This makes for some potential inconsistency, but it is much better than an inclination to yes man everything.

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