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Scotty Boman Starts “GoFundMe” Campaign To Appeal Alleged False Conviction

Scotty Boman
Press Release from Scotty Boman:

College professor Scotty Boman has started a “GoFundMe” campaign to pay for the appeal of what he calls “A false conviction” for trespassing. Boman is well-known for his civic activities outside of campus. He is a board member of the Morningside Neighborhood Association, Vice chair of the Libertarian Party of Michigan, and state Director of Our America Initiative. Judge Roberta found him guilty of violating Municipal Code of the City of Detroit, Sec. 38-7-4(c) on March 11th and scheduled a sentencing hearing for June 11th.

On his GoFundMe page Boman describes himself as a police brutality victim who was convicted of trespassing in spite of the fact that he wasn’t breaking any law, and was at his place of employment in an area that was open to the general public. He insists that the statute he is convicted of violating didn’t even match the circumstances or his alleged behavior, and that his attorney was able to show that the prosecution’s primary witness perjured herself.

On July 30th Boman was reportedly attacked and injured by campus police officers, shortly after teaching a math class. The incident began when a campus officer objected to Boman, who was running for Detroit City Clerk at the time, taking pictures, recording video and handing out campaign literature. Boman continued, photography based on their being no rule against it, and then attempted to hand out campaign literature at a location where supporters of other candidates were permitted to do so. According to Boman, officers then assaulted him in a way that caused long-term injuries. His page states, “To this day authorities have refused to prosecute, or even investigate, my attackers. In fact my primary assailant got a promotion.” The arresting officer, Olivia Moss-Fort, was promoted to Sergeant.

Boman was on the Wayne County Community College Northwest Campus that day to teach a mathematics class. Since there was an on-site absentee voting place on campus, he decided to stop by there after teaching class. He took pictures of signs that were posted by the incumbent City Clerk Janice Winfrey; he thought they violated campaign rules that other candidates had to follow. At one point an election inspector, Ebony Allen, approached Boman and started defending the incumbents’ campaign practices. Boman expressed his disagreement and recorded the Allen’s’ remarks in defense of the incumbent. Boman claims, a campus police officer, Olivia Moss-Fort didn’t like this, so she started harassing him and was joined by other officers. At which point Boman walked over to where volunteers for other candidates were handing out literature.

Boman wrote, “As soon as I attempted to hand out some of my campaign literature the same officer tried to stop me by swatting my hand. When I complained, I was jumped by other officers who took me away in cuffs. Knowing I was scheduled to speak at a candidate forum, they held me prisoner until the forum was almost over. During my captivity, they cuffed me in a torturous position that caused long-term damage to my wrist. They decided to charge me with trespassing even though I was in a public area at my place of work.”

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  1. Scotty Boman Scotty Boman April 24, 2015

    Thank you! I am humbled and honored by the outpouring of support that I have received from you and other supporters.

  2. George Whitfield George Whitfield April 20, 2015

    I chipped in to help.

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