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Candidates Find Success on the Reform Party Line

From the Reform Party website:

The Reform Party of New York announced six outright victories on the Reform Party line. This victory came after the Reform Party of New York and Stop Common Core joined together to administer and protect the Reform Party ballot line.

Marisa Muratori and Dennis Dickinson won Lake George Supervisory positions. Muratoria and Dickinson ran solely on the Reform Party ballot line without the endorsement of other parties. They both faced Republican candidates running on multiple ballot lines, and prevailed with over fifty percent of the vote.

In the Democratic stronghold of Rockland County, Reform Party candidates fused with other party lines. Four candidates won in Rockland County with a majority of their votes cast on the Reform Party line.

Charles Falciglia won a seat on Rockland County legislature with 43 percent of the vote cast for the Reform Party. Edward Markuna won a second Rockland County Legislature seat with 35 percent of the vote caste on the Reform Party line.

Frank Hagen and Mara Herzman won seats on the Village of Suffern Board of Trustees. In a multi-way, pick two race, Hagen and Herzman won with eighteen percent on the Reform Party line, and a minority of votes cast for them on other ballot lines.

In races where Reform Party candidates ran on a single line and lost, many of them did well. In some races the Reform Party picked up twenty or thirty percent of the vote.

In a year where the Reform Party of New York endorsed over two thousand candidates, the Reform Party line also supplied the margin of victory to hundreds of winning candidates. This number is set to grow, for numerous races are to close to call.

The Reform Party is working to rebuild into a nationally viable alternative to the Democratic and Republican Parties. Prior to November 3rd, the Reform Party only won three victories in the last five years.

It is possible to learn more about the Reform Party by visiting the party’s website at or by emailing a representative at

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