Jason Stapleton: Discussion on Libertarian Party, Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen, and the NAP


On today’s Jason Stapleton Show he covered these topics (show link for his page with the audio can be found here). The part of the show after the break deals with some criticisms of the Libertarian Party, analysis of Austin’s Petersen’s objectives, and a defense of the NAP. Here are the show notes:

So, it would appear we’ve got a little libertarian standoff going on in the Oregon Wildlife Refuge. On its face, it would seem this is a case of patriots standing up to an oppressive and tyrannical government. Is it? I’ve doing quite a bit of reading on the history of this conflict, and it goes way back. I’ve done my best to separate fact from fiction and share what I know. On the show today, I will attempt to give you the truth.

Then it’s on to a discussion about Austin Petersen. He’s been making waves in libertarian circles by arguing that we should abandon the Non-aggression principle. The idea is ridiculous, and I’m going to explain why.

If this episode of Jason Stapleton’s show is posted in video on iTunes, this post will be updated with the link.

1/5/16 UPDATE:

The video with just this clip extracted has been posted:

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