American Party Nominates Tom Hoefling for President

6018861H/T American Third Party Report:

The American Party has nominated Tom Hoefling for president. Hoefling is also seeking the nomination of America’s Party and the American Independent Party. In 2012 Hoefling was the nominee of both America’s Party and American Independent Party, and was on the ballot in three states. From Hoefling’s website:

I’m honored to announce that today here in Kansas City I was unanimously nominated for President of the United States by the delegates of the American Party! And, better yet, my old friend and co-laborer Steve Schulin of South Carolina was unanimously nominated for Vice-President! Great job, Steve! One nomination down, two to go, Lord willing! Thank you to all who have been praying!

The American Party is a conservative political party with roots in George Wallace’s American Independent Party of 1968, before splitting from that party in the ’70s. The party last placed a presidential ticket on the ballot in 1996, when Diane Beall Templin was on the ballot in Colorado and Utah. In the next three presidential elections the party nominated a national ticket, but did not seek ballot access or declared write-in status in any state, and therefore did not receive any recorded votes. The party did not participate in the 2012 presidential election.

7 thoughts on “American Party Nominates Tom Hoefling for President

  1. Richard Winger

    The American Party nominates a presidential candidate every time, but then never does anything to get their presidential candidate on the ballot anywhere. The last time an American Party presidential candidate was on any state’s ballot was 1996, when Diane Templin was on in Utah and Colorado.

  2. Cody Quirk

    Well, at least their presidential candidate will be on the ballot in a state or two and will be receiving votes this November, technically.

    While the libertarian vote will unify and attract disgruntled mainstream voters that are sympathetic to the LP’s message and cannot stomach Trump or Clinton to the LP’s presidential candidate, which assumingly is Gary Johnson- the ‘constitutionalist’ vote this November is not only going to be split between Castle, Copeland, Hoefling, and a few others, but they will also do poorly this November when compared to their performance in 2012, no question about it.

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