Freedom Gulch Announces 2016 Libertarian Party Vice Presidential Debate

FGdebateAnnouncement from Will Hammer at Freedom Gulch:

I am pleased to announce that Freedom Gulch will be hosting a Libertarian Party Vice Presidential debate online, May 17th at 7:30pm EST! We will have four candidates participate: Alicia Dearn, Larry Sharpe, Judd Weiss, and Will Coley.

Alicia Dearn is the founder of Bellatrix PC, a woman-owned, business facing law firm with offices in Saint Louis, Missouri and San Diego, California. Bellatrix PC handles lawsuits and business transactions and gives legal advice in business, employment, real estate, civil litigation and election law. She served as General Counsel to Governor Gary Johnson’s Libertarian campaign for U.S. Presidency.

Larry Sharpe founded and is the Managing Director of Neo-Sage®, his third business, in 2004. He is also a guest instructor for Columbia’s Graduate School of Business and Yale University School of Management.

Judd Weiss is a commercial real estate broker and currently VP of Sales at M-Rad Architecture. He is most known for his beautiful photography, capturing major libertarian events and conferences.

Will Coley is the National Director for Muslims 4 Liberty. Coley worked as co-host of America’s first TEA party radio show “Tea party patriots live” on WORL 660 Orlando. He currently works as host of The Call to Freedom, a national and international radio broadcast on devoted to spreading the ideas of liberty within the muslim community, from a theological perspective they can relate to.

The debate will be live streamed via Youtube and be posted on Freedom Gulch’s homepage. It will be moderated by C. Michael Pickens and myself, Will Hammer.

We look forward to this event and hope you do as well! Please send questions to and we will try to include as many questions as time allows.

7 thoughts on “Freedom Gulch Announces 2016 Libertarian Party Vice Presidential Debate

  1. Jeremy Siple Post author

    As far as I know Mr. Bentivolio is not recognized by the LP as a candidate because he does not have a campaign website, nor is he listed on the website of a recognized presidential candidate.

  2. Libertarian Voter

    According to the LP website, nine of these candidates are recognized. I’ve never seen any of the VP Cand dates recognized.

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