James Ogle Sponsoring California U.S. Senate Debate, Independents and Alternative Party Candidates to Debate Duopoly Rivals

James Ogle alongside Joy Waymire in 2012

James Ogle alongside Joy Waymire in 2012

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

James Ogle is sponsoring a U.S. Senate California debate on May 15 in Monterey. So far, 16 of the 34 candidates who are on the June 7, 2016 ballot have said they will attend.

Seven Democrats are running and these three say they will attend: Herbert Peters, Emory Rodgers, and Steve Stokes.

Twelve Republicans are running and these six say they will attend: Greg Conlon, Von Hougo, Jerry Laws, Karen Roseberry, Phil Wyman, and George Yang.

Two Libertarians are running and both say they will attend: Gail Lightfoot and Mark Matthew Herd.

Pamela Elizondo, the only Green, says she will attend.

Don Grundmann of the Constitution Party will attend.

These independent candidates say they will attend: Tim Gildersleeve, Clive Grey, and Paul Merritt.

The debate starts at 2 p.m. and is at 777 Pearl Street, Monterey.

8 thoughts on “James Ogle Sponsoring California U.S. Senate Debate, Independents and Alternative Party Candidates to Debate Duopoly Rivals

  1. sparkey

    I can’t make it in person, but I want to see a stream because I’m still deciding. Will there be one?

    Wyman is a good get. Disappointing that Unz is missing it. I wasn’t really expecting any of the other “major” candidates to make it.

  2. sparkey

    Nevermind, I see Ogle is advertising a stream in his comment on Ballot Access News. Sounds good!

  3. Dave Terry

    Jill Pyeatt, May 12, 2016

    “Omigod, Mark Herd and Don Grundmann in the same room???
    I might just have to leave the state for a few days.”

    Are you certain that the ‘fall out” will dissipate in just a few days?


  4. Dave Terry

    Three cheers,two attaboys and one thumbs up to James Ogle!!!

    Too bad we can’t clone him. the LP could use a dozen more like hime

    I’d be willing to bet that at least one or two of the major party candidates
    will show up in the LP in couple of years.

    The secret of success is EXPOSURE!!!

  5. Herd for US Senate 2016

    The article is not accurate. This event was actually my idea. I called James Ogle to partner up because he believes in unity. I wrote the check for the event 960.00 and have spent countless hours contacting not just US Senate candidates but also the many other candidates that will be taking part in the forum that follows the debate. Jill Pyaett is a disaster and anything but a team player. I heard she didn’t even want to post this. She is irrelevant in this matter. This entire event is an attempt to send a msg. that we will no longer tolerate CLOSED debates in California. This is a first but with any success, in 2018 we may have 2 debates. For accuracy, James Ogle and I are CO-PRODUCING this event. FYI I’m also working on a production to help stop censorship in CA and closed POTUS debates in future elections like the disaster we had in the Texas “Pay for Stage” debates that inspired Steve Kerbel to consider dropping out. If you want censorship or closed debates you WILL hear from us. Here’s the link to that future project. I suggest those in SF, LP EXEC and anyone else who thinks free speech isn’t a right to prepare themselves for some political push back. https://sites.google.com/site/lpinfonow1/home/60-libertarian-minutes

  6. Herd for US Senate 2016

    BTW Mail in ballots are out in California today. Gail Lightfoot and I are both on it. Don’t care who you vote for as long as it’s one of us two. If you didn’t get a vote by mail ballot you can fill out another voter reg card, BUT remember to initial on the vote by mail line. It won’t help you in this election but will in Nov. http://www.VoteHerd2016.com

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