February 2017 Open Thread


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63 thoughts on “February 2017 Open Thread

  1. Tony From Long Island

    Latest Information on the Prohibition Party

    And in related news . . . a fabulous new invention – the horseless carriage – has been invented.

  2. Tony From Long island

    Meanwhile, the Republicans are nominating a prohibitionist for Attorney General.

    Working with Darth Trump might drive him to drink . . . but only white Russians. . . definitely not black Russians.

  3. Karl T. Knight

    Wow, the new Constitution Party website is a major improvement. Very nice looking – Much more “open” feeling then previous version.

  4. paulie Post author

    Flipping channels. New report that Trump has threatened the President of Mexico that he may send US troops into Mexico. More non-interventionism from our new non-interventionist president.

  5. Vg

    Anyone know what’s happening with the GOP in Alabama? An opportunity for minor parties? From the CP of Alabama facebook page:

    What is going on within the Alabama GOP? As it stands, it is being reported that at least half of our state senators and more than 30 Alabama State House members will not seek reelection in 2018. So far all those who have announced are republicans. There has never been a better chance to seek office with the Alabama Constitution Party. If you are thinking of running and would like to seek the Alabama Constitution Party nomination, please do not wait until the last minute and contact us today. info@cpalabama.org

  6. Nate

    via saboteur365:


    — Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) February 2, 2017″

    You might say who cares? That’s the wrong response to Sarah Silverman’s call for a military coup in the U.S.

    We’re being set up to accept either the overthrow, assassination, or impeachment of Donald Trump because he’s not a globalist stooge.

    The idea of a military coup is now firmly implanted in millions of minds of sheeple as “the final solution” to the Trump problem. These fools are so enmeshed in the egalitarian meme (We are all equal; we all bleed red; there is only one race, the human race; borders are racist) that they no longer care about their own extermination.

    Silverman’s call for a military overthrow isn’t just some stupid Hollweird whore mouthing off. It’s the (((power elites))) programming the country to accept it’s destruction.

  7. Bondurant

    It’s February of 2017 and I still yearn for the IPR days of olde when the comments were numbered. So much easier to follow and useful for replying to comments.

    RIP numbered comments. We hardly knew ye.

  8. George Phillies

    17:47 In the exceedingly unlikely event that we have a coup, it will be almost certainly the radical liberals calling for it who will be at risk of being put up against a wall and shot, hung with lamp cord from the nearest tree, or given the fate of Mussolini. The call for a coup is incredibly stupid, even for American politics.

  9. George Phillies

    The latest issue of Liberty for America magazine is out.

    Read it here: http://libertyforamerica.com/201701A.pdf

    Articles include
    National Political Convention
    Guest Editorial from Joshua Katz
    Raiser’s Edge
    Our Most Popular Column: Where Your Money Went:
    Johnson Campaigns
    Supply, Demand, and Economic Illiteracy

  10. Tylor Reinhardt

    You might see me congratulating the Independent American Party, and then going over and rooting on the Green Party, and wonder what’s up? The truth is I’m happy just to have a third party choice for me and everyone on the ballot (when I get a chance to vote.)

    The Libertarian Party may have bèen in all 50 states this past election, but it hasn’t always been that way.

  11. Thane Eichenauer (@ilovegrover)

    Caryn Ann Harlos was interviewed by Tom Woods recently. Tom Knapp gets a mention at 6 minutes in.

    “Ep. 844 After 2016, Where Is the Libertarian Party Today, and Where Is It Going?”

    “Caryn Ann Harlos is communications director of the Libertarian Party of Colorado and a member of the Libertarian National Committee.”

    I am happy to have spent 36 minutes listening to this episode.

  12. George Phillies

    In 2014, the Massachusetts United Independent Party gained major party (Political Party) status based on the success of its caniddate for Governor, Evan Falchuk. Falchuk managed not to lose control of his party during the State Committee elections in early 2016. He then did not run anyone for President, as he could have done with 11 electors and the strokes of several pens.

    He has now abandoned his party (which after the election moved from major to minor party (Political Designation) status, and become a Democrat. The party designation and its many members survives.

  13. dL

    This is cause for alarm.

    President Trump pledges to escalate the War on Drugs

    Well, no shit. And he also said that increased border control was going to a primary tool in the re-escalation of the war on drugs. Even if you honestly suffer the delusion that immigrants are threat to the welfare system or to your way of life, you should be smart enough o realize that the consequences of escalated enforcement against social/population mobility are a far greater cost and a far greater threat.

  14. Andy

    February 15, 2017 at 23:05
    This is cause for alarm.

    ‘President Trump pledges to escalate the War on Drugs’
    Well, no shit. And he also said that increased border control was going to a primary tool in the re-escalation of the war on drugs. Even if you honestly suffer the delusion that immigrants are threat to the welfare system or to your way of life, you should be smart enough o realize that the consequences of escalated enforcement against social/population mobility are a far greater cost and a far greater threat.”

    Don’t allow them to collect welfare or receive anything from the government. The same goes with their offspring (get rid of birthright citizenship). Do not make them American citizens, which means they can’t vote, and can’t gain any political power. If they commit a crime while here, arrest them and deport them.

    Your trying to equate drug prohibition with the invasion of Marxist welfare leeches, criminals, and third world religious nutjobs (as if you are going to have a free society by having these people here, who statistically receive welfare, and once becoming citizens (through fraud by falsely swearing that they will support the US Constitution), and vote in super-majorities to expand the welfare state and increase gun control) is pretty disingenuous.

    Open borders plus a welfare state is a position PUSHED BY COMMUNISTS. That’s right, it is a COMMUNIST position, and NOT a libertarian position.

    If a person sneaks into Disney World, or buys a ticket to Disney World, but then stays beyond the days allotted on their ticket, they become an illegal immigrant into Disney World, and Disney World security will deport these illegal immigrants if they catch them. This is how things would work in an anarcho-capitalist society.

    It is clearly apparent that “libertarians” who push for “open borders” (which the Libertarian Party platform does NOT call for, since the party’s platform says that it is OK to eject people who are a threat to security, health, or property (that means no welfare parasites, since welfare parasites are a threat to property)), are not only completely divorced from reality, and have NO IDEA of how to implement their agenda (since they are obviously politically inept), they are also pushing for something THAT WOULD NOT EXIST WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, AS AN ANARCHO-CAPITALIST SOCIETY WOULD HAVE ALL LAND PRIVATELY OWNED, WHICH MEANS THAT IMMIGRATION/MIGRATION POLICIES WOULD BE SET BY LAND OWNERS, WHICH MEANS THAT LAND OWNERS WOULD EJECT PEOPLE FROM THEIR BORDERS. So you all want something WHICH WOULD NOT EXIST IN A LIBERTARIAN SOCIETY. THERE WOULD BE NO OPEN BORDERS IN A SOCIETY WHERE ALL LAND WAS PRIVATELY OWNED, unless of course some property owner was mentally ill enough to allow every vagrant on the planet to show up on their land, but I doubt such a policy would last very long.

  15. Andy

    Do you want to see what a societal collapse looks like? Check out the documentary below about the Liberia. This is a country that was torn apart by civil war, and the people are living is poverty.

    How many of these people would hop on a boat or a plane and come here if the USA declared “open borders”, and especially if the USA declared “open borders” without ending the welfare state?

    Now consider that there are over 5.6 billion people in the world who live in what we would call poverty.

    The current population of the USA is about 325 million (not counting illegal immigrants, and other people not counted in census figures).

    Yeah, it suck to live in poverty, but reality is that everyone in the world can’t come here. Bringing large numbers of people who are living in crappy conditions into this country is just going to tear down this country, especially when you consider that the political enemies of liberty will use these people to implement their big government agenda on the rest of us, that is expansion of the welfare state and gun control.

    Watch the documentary below and while watching it, ask yourself how many of these people would come over here and get on welfare if given the opportunity. Remember, travel is a lot easier and cheaper than it used to be.

    Liberia is just one example of a country where people live in poor conditions. Liberia is a small country. Think about all of the people in China (over 1.3 billion people), India (over 1.3 billion people), Indonesia (over 260 million people), Brazil (over 207 million people), Pakistan (over 196 million people), Nigeria (over 186 million people), Bangladesh (over 161 million people), Mexico (over 122 million people), the Philippines (over 103 million people), Ethiopia (over 101 million people), etc…, that would like to come here, especially if it meant that they could get on welfare.

    Keep in mind that we already have a student debt crisis in this country, and we have lots of people who are unemployed or underemployed.

    Announcing “open borders”, especially under the present conditions under which we are living (as in a democratic welfare state), would be completely insane.

    If a ship pulled up in Liberia and an announcement was made that everyone who got on the ship could go live in the USA, and that they could get on welfare, and eventually become American citizens, how many people do you think would jump on that ship?

    Maybe a cannibal warlord would end up becoming your new neighbor.

    The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia (Full Length Documentary)


  16. Andy

    “Check out the documentary below about the Liberia. This is a country that was torn apart by civil war, and the people are living is poverty.”

    Should read, “about Liberia” and, “people are living in poverty.”

  17. LibertyDave


    Are you still letting your fear and hatred twist your mind? You got your statement about communists wrong.

    You stated: “Open borders plus a welfare state is a position PUSHED BY COMMUNISTS. That’s right, it is a COMMUNIST position, and NOT a libertarian position.”

    If I remember my history correctly the borders of communist countries had names like the Iron Curtain, the Bamboo Curtain, the Berlin Wall. These names denote closed borders.

    So the COMMUNIST position is closed borders and a welfare state, which is what you seem to be pushing.

    The Libertarian position is open borders and get the government out of the welfare business.

  18. Andy

    So how many of these people should come over here and get on welfare? You may say, “Abolish the welfare state?” Good luck with that. Now back in reality, again I ask, how many of these people can come over here and get on welfare?

    Top 10 Poorest Country’s In The World 2016


  19. Tony From Long Island

    Hey Andy, it hasn’t been called “welfare” for a long, long time. Your xenophobic and ethnocentric bias is showing. . . .

    The overwhelmingly large majority of people who receive Public Assistance receive it temporarily, as it is intended. There are lifetime time limits for receiving most assistance (thanks Slick Willy) . While there are exceptions and certain exemptions,they are not easy to reach.

    I know this because I actually went through the system. You don’t because all you do is rant about shit you know nothing about.

  20. dL

    So the COMMUNIST position is closed borders and a welfare state, which is what you seem to be pushing.

    Well, the original Manchurian Candidate(not the remake) had the commies posing as the right-wing cons. What was that quote from Angela Lansbury? Hmmmm, whip up enough anti-communist frenzy to elect a government with the powers to “make martial law look like anarchy.”

  21. paulie Post author

    Well, the original Manchurian Candidate(not the remake) had the commies posing as the right-wing cons.

    Sounds correct to me based on my experiences in both systems.

  22. paulie Post author

    Why Libertarians Will Never Stop Arguing About Immigration

    Mostly, because we’ve failed to distinguish ourselves enough from conservatives. We need to build a wall between libertarianism and conservatism and make conservative/authoritarian populists/nationalists pay for it. Then we need to round up and deport the ones who call themselves libertarians from libertarianism, but we need to do it very humanely. The ones who want to be considered libertarians should then be examined on an individual basis, provided their opinion of immigration has changed. And we need strictly enforced quotas as to how many right wingers are accepted as libertarians on an annual basis.


  23. Jim

    Tony From Long Island “The overwhelmingly large majority of people who receive Public Assistance receive it temporarily, as it is intended. There are lifetime time limits for receiving most assistance…”

    I don’t know about other states, but in Connecticut they also have to pay that money back if they ever get a job earning over a certain amount.

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  25. Jim

    I came across an old issue of LP News that had a table of cost/vote for President from 1976 – 1996. It used the sum of fundraising by both the candidate and the LNC (in the election year) for the calculation and then adjusted for inflation. It showed a remarkable consistency. All six elections resulted in a cost per vote of $7.64, give or take $0.26.

    It’s far from a perfect measure, but I thought it was interesting enough that I wanted to see what it looked like carried forward to 2016 and adjusted all numbers for inflation to 2016:

    ………………$ raised………..votes……….cost/vote
    1976….. $1,982,643…….173,819……..$11.41

    I don’t think it should be, but if Johnson’s revenue from 2011 is included (when he was in the Republican primary), that would raise the 2012 cost/vote to $3.58.

  26. dL

    Why Libertarians Will Never Stop Arguing About Immigration

    There is no libertarian debate. One side is the libertarian position. The other the authoritarian position. The authoritarian position claiming to be libertarian is limited pretty much to either the right wing identity politics of Hans Hermann Hoppe or the boorish enclave of conservative opportunism.

    The authoritarian position itself has little cachet within the LP. The one time the opportunists managed to invade the LP presidential ticket(2008), they had to pretend they had reformed their immigration positions. That’s not a debate. That ‘s a rout. Indeed, it bears pointing that the Hoppe’s (race) realistic position is not even meant for public debate. No Misean or Hoppean w/ any standing would even attempt to defend that position specifically in an open, neutral forum(evidenced by the fact that no one would take credit for those ron paul newsletters back in 2008). The position is purely meant to be consumed by an underbelly in the hopes of fueling a cadre cult not unlike Trumpism.

  27. Andy

    dL said: “The authoritarian position itself has little cachet within the LP. ”

    Yeah, I know, the authoritarianism of leftists posers who think that forced integration into a democratic welfare state has something to do with libertarianism is certainly annoying.

  28. Andy

    Here is a video put out by an English guy about how Muslim rape gangs in the United Kingdom have kidnapped young English girls and gang raped them.

    More “peaceful people crossing borders” and engaging in free market activities, huh?



  29. paulie Post author

    Molyneux knocks one out of the park again!

    Contradiction in terms. Molyneux is a pretentious gasbag who has more recently evolved into a more open racist and is pretty much not even pretending to be a libertarian anymore.

  30. Andy

    Open Borders Are Not Libertarian. They’re Communist.


    From the article: “When it comes to public education, libertarians will often argue that public schools should act as private schools would. Decision making should be decentralized to local communities, and schools should compete with one another in order to lower the tax burden and increase the quality of the education. No libertarian would ever dare argue that since the state controls public schools, that no student should be denied an education. No libertarian would ever argue that an education is a human right, since absent the state, no said right exists.

    Why then, when the state controls the borders, do libertarians argue that no one should be denied free movement, when absent the state, no said right exists? If everything were completely privatized, you would have no right to an education, and no right to travel freely on another man’s land without his permission.

    If libertarians aren’t going to argue that education is a human right that should be protected by the state in the absence of the complete privatization of everything, then they shouldn’t argue that free movement is a human right that should be protected by the state either. This isn’t to delegitimize the concerns that libertarians have with closed borders, but to instead show the many problems that exist with open borders. Hopefully libertarians open minded enough on the issue will begin to reconsider their position on immigration, and understand that open borders are not libertarian. Open borders are communist.”

  31. paulie Post author

    Shocker: UN Admits Migrant Crisis Plan To Overthrow West

    More classic racist/xenophobic garbage. In the age of Trump, right wing populists like Molyneux and Jones have moved away from libertarianism and towards an embrace of authoritarian racial/nationalist collectivism and bigotry.

  32. paulie Post author

    Open Borders Are Not Libertarian. They’re Communist.

    Bullshit. And “Liberty Hangout” is another terrible source. They should be more honest and rename themselves Fascist Hangout. Also, their argument is transparent bullshit, since no one is arguing what they claim. Instead, we are arguing against the concept of collective property by the state, which would be the only thing that would give the state a legitimate place to define trespass. The idea that the state has collective property rights over the nation is a very authoritarian one, and the complete antithesis of libertarianism.

    More importantly, this has been pointed out to you in many past threads and I’ve never known you to have attention deficit disorder, so why do you waste everyone’s time by continuing to make the same illogical arguments over and over again in so many different threads? Repeating bullshit endlessly does not transform it into anything other than bullshit.

  33. paulie Post author

    forced integration

    Congratulations, you’ve adopted the language terms of George Wallace, Lester Maddox et al from half a century ago.

  34. Wake Up

    Andy is making excellent points in this thread. I think he is 100% right. The Muslims and the Hispanics have no concept of liberty, and are not fit to live among us. They should all be sent packing. In 2020 when the LP endorses keeping America great by co-nominating President Trump for a second term I think we can get this into the LP platform, with the help of wise Libertarian petitioners such as Andy Jacobs and Eric Dondero and experienced political operative, hardcore Libertarian and Trump inner circle advisor and friend Roger Stone, along with the legions of Augustus Invictus and the American Front. Perhaps we can even get ahead of the game and make the necessary platform changes in New Orleans in 2018.

  35. Wake Up

    Andy Jacobs loves the Confederate battle flag just like I do.

    Andy Jacobs believes it is important to remember the USS Liberty just like I do.

    Andy Jacobs is against sodomite marriage just like I am.

    And Jacobs wants to control immigration just like I do.

    Andy Jacobs is for gun rights, and so am I. Personally I think we should use them to shoot all illegals on sight, and if it looks, sounds and smells like an illegal it should be considered reasonable to presume it is an illegal and shoot it dead.

    Andy Jacobs wants to kick the zionists, globalists, UN new world order and Israeli lobby out of the USA. Me too!

    Andy Jacobs hates taxes, and so do I.

    Andy Jacobs wants to end the fed, and I do as well.

    I bet Andy Jacobs doesn’t like the Rothschilds and the other hook nosed globalist bankers any more than I do.

    Andy Jacobs agrees with me about opposing the neocon wars for Israel.

  36. Wake Up

    Germany rose from the ashes when Hitler came to power and became great once again. At the end of the war it was reduced back to a state very similar to what it had been in 1932-33, but has since once again risen to be the leading power of a united Europe, which was Hitler’s idea to begin with. Many lasting achievements of German industrial deveopment, such as the Autobahn, date from the period of the Third Reich. If Hitler hadn’t come to power, Germany would have continued to suffer under the burden of crippling sanctions and would have never achieved its two subsequent periods of ascendance.

  37. Wake Up

    As I posted here in 2009 and 2010:

    Hola amigos and illegal wetbacks!

    We need a real third party to deal with the real issues in this country that all the parties are ignoring:

    The threat of Islamic terrorism and the rise of Islamic extremism around the world.

    The flood/invasion of illegal aliens taking away American jobs which will cause white people to be a minority in this country soon…has anyone wondered what will happen then?

    Abortion of White babies, which is contributing to this disturbing demographic trend if it is not outlawed.

    Corporations outsourcing American jobs – where is the paycheck for the White working class man going to come home to feed his family?

    The war on Christianity in our schools, courthouses, etc., and the war on Christmas.

    The Zionist bankers and their control of the money supply.

    The rising economic and military threat posed by China.

    The flood of dope on our streets and the leniency of the police and courts toward non-white street thugs.

    NAFTA/GATT/WTO/United Nations threats to American sovereignty.

    Multiculturalist brainwashing of our children.

    Filthy garbage of the worst imaginable sort being allowed in the movies, TV and on the radio, producing generations of degenerates.

    Feminization of the American male through the promotion of feminism and normalization of sodomy as a “lifestyle” – this can’t be helping our demographic trends! Before long this country will look like a cross between Mexico, Zimbabwe, Pakistan and Gomorrah if we don’t do something.

    While Wall Street is partying, the Zionist bankers are closing our factories and foreclosing on our farms.

    Is there a party, major or minor, that will rise up to address these issues?

    Will we do something before it’s too late?

    (and if that doesn’t make sense to you…

    Debemos asegurar la existencia de nuestro pueblo y un futuro para los niños blancos

    Si se puede!)

    Well Donald Trump answered the call, and that is why he is now the President. We’re going to Make and Keep America great again!!

  38. Wake Up

    God-Emperor Trump has a temporary alliance with right wing Khazar Jews. The goal is to get the Khazar Jews out of the US, and the remaining few out of Russia, former soviet nations, Europe and the Muslim world, and at the same time remove Muslims and predominantly Muslim ethnicities out of the US, Europe, Russia and other White nations.

    What’s in it for right wing Khazar Jews: Israel has a looming demographic problem. The Arab/Muslim population is outbreeding the Khazar/Jew population, even without counting the Occupied Territories the Khazars will soon find themselves outvoted in what they consider to be “their” country. There are no more large population of Khazar Jews left in the world except in Israel and the US, so the only way to get more Khazar Jews to Israel is to have a mass exodus of Khazar Jews from the US. Khazar Jews won’t feel welcome in an emerging White Nationalist ethno-state. Neither will Muslims, Arabs, Pakis, and so on. Eventually, they will be encouraged to self-deport or be deported en masse. Israel will then have put off its demographic date with destiny.

    What’s in it for Whites: This should be obvious. We get our countries back. For the first time in many centuries, White nations will be rid of both Muslims and Khazar Jews. In the US we will also turn back the invasions of Mestizos and orientals. Muslims and Khazar Jews can then be free to make war on each other in their own part of the world. If we are really, really lucky, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina will all get nuked and the world will finally be rid of the scourges of Judaism and Islam once and for all. As an added bonus, we will also get rid of feminism, open perversion, race-mixing, communism, liberalism, and all the other social diseases spread by Khazar Jews in White nations. And, we will have law and order, with Negroid, Mestizo and Muslim criminal gangs and terrorists put in their place without the coddling they get thanks to liberal and commie Khazars.

    Why it had to be done: President Trump is wise to the ways of the Khazar Jews. He grew up in their stronghold of Jew York City. He knew that he could never rise to power without making a temporary alliance with right wing Khazars to help them prevail over moronic liberal Khazars who deny race reality and believe Israel can make peace with Arabs/Muslims through the intervention of a liberal world order led by a Khazar-dominated USA and that Whites, negroes, Muslims, alien races and Khazar Jews can all coexist peacefully in Europe and the US in a Khazar Jew led liberal world order.

    And why not make such a temporary alliance if it makes it possible to be elected and sworn in to power, and then proceed to create the policies needed to Make America Great Again and Make Europe Great Again?

    Trump’s love of the White Race is so great that he even sacrificed some of his own children by his ex-wives and allowed them to mix with Khazar Jews, which would be the only way KJ-ZOG would allow him to rise to power. Barron Trump is his true imperial legacy, not the children of his ex-wives who are now tainted by Khazar Jew blood.

    Let us all praise the wisdom of God-Emperor Trump and wait eagerly for the day when all the Khazar Jews and Muslims are in the middle east, killing each other off and leaving White nations alone.

  39. Wake Up

    So Bibi Netanyahu, the ancient Chinese, and every city in history that was surrounded by a wall… all commies? LOL libtards…

  40. George Phillies

    It appears that Nitwit Norman, not to be confused with Normal Norman, has returned.

    As a matter of historical accuracy, the Berlin was was effective for its intended objective. It cut a population flow out of East Germany that was having major demographic effects to a population flow that was not demographically significant. We cheer the occasional escapee, but those escapes were a tiny fraction of the very large flows before the commies built their wall.

  41. LibertyDave


    Andy continues is Anti-Libertarian rant against free trade in another thread. And his justification for restricting free trade is because he didn’t give his permission for those types of people to use the public roads.

    Then he insists that free trade is Communist because those types of people haven’t paid taxes to maintain the public roads and it communist to allow everyone to use public roads without paying taxes to maintain them.

    Then he makes the makes the absurd statement that if it weren’t for government there wouldn’t be any such thing as public roads.

    I guess this means that Andy is in favor of taxation as well as anti-free trade now.

  42. dL

    It appears that Nitwit Norman, not to be confused with Normal Norman, has returned.

    Any reason why this KKK garbage remains unmoderated?

  43. paulie Post author

    It’s a bit of a dilemma. A lot of what Andy posts lately is so close to this crap that I’m not sure I can draw a clear line between the two. I don’t want to treat his comments differently just because he’s a personal friend. There was a discussion of making a quarantine thread among IPR staff after someone calling him or herself IPR Lurker emailed us and that conclusion was not made after some back and forth.

  44. dL

    It’s a bit of a dilemma.

    You should take out the trash, particularly when it is advocating shooting people on sight based on nothing more than their appearance.

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