Darrell Castle – Presidential Campaign Report

4 thoughts on “Darrell Castle – Presidential Campaign Report

  1. Andy

    Darrell Castle gets into an interesting story at around the 31 minute mark about how he was approached by a group of anti-Trump Republicans. They wanted him to drop out of the race and give his ballot lines to Evan McMullin. They offered money, but Castle, being a man of principle, turned them down.

  2. Cody Quirk

    At least he has integrity when dealing with general politics.

    When it comes to the internal workings and contentious matters within the CP; that might be open to question, however.

  3. JamesT

    Interesting. Glad he has some conviction. Good for his campaign doing so well with so little. Its too bad the CP is going nowhere and seems intent on being republican lite. He’s probably right as many CP types I knew went Trump for as many bitter LPers or Cruz types I knew who gave Castle the time of day.

  4. Michigan Voter

    I hope Darrell runs again. I enjoy his conversational style and temperament.

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