Marc Montoni: Erdogan’s Reichstag Fire

Long time Virginia LP activist Marc Montoni (recently moved to Colorado) at

Islamists and the American political left have been attempting mightily to portray ISIS as a project of Israel.

It would be hilarious if normal people didn’t think it was a credible story.

It is true that American money and material support has found its way to the murderous 8th century bigots of ISIS.  But ISIS would not exist without Turkey.  It is a proxy militia that was created, armed, and supported by Turkish intelligence. 

Who has profited the most from events in Syria?  Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the wannabe sultan of The Restored Ottoman Empire.  De-stabilizing Syria at the moment of Arab Spring was a golden opportunity Erdogan couldn’t pass up.
The Syrian civil war is largely an Erdogan project.   He hated Assad.  Further, he wanted to drive a wedge through the heart of the Christian, Alawite, Kurd, and other political and religious minorities that live along the border region in both Turkey and Syria.

Those border residents are descended from refugees who fled the genocide of millions by Muslim Turks in the early 1900’s.  As far as the Turks are concerned, those damned Jews/Christians/Kurds/Armenians/etc simply can’t move far enough away from the Fatherland — we have to reach out and kill them wherever we find them!

Erdogan had the same designs on Iraq but that one was easy because the central government was impotent.

Erdogan is a mafia don who is no different from 1500 years of Ottoman corruptocrats, and his family is profiting immensely from his racist, bigoted policies. The Restored Ottoman Empire will make his family rich beyond their wet dreams.

Of course, there is no doubt that US material and money has gotten to ISIS in a dumb attempt to support “rebel” groups that US spooks don’t really know a damned thing about.

Turkish spooks aren’t nearly as stupid as American spooks.  They are all over Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, and they’re much better at blending in.

The Syrian rebellion was sprinkled from the beginning by Turkish black ops assets.

No, this is a Turkish war of destabilization, and then ultimately, reconquest; in the long term.  Short term, profit for Erdogan’s family (various estimates place his family’s worth now well in excess of a half-billion dollars — all riches gained in the last ten years and amassed largely from profits from looted oil fields in Syria and Iraq, gun running, and illegal (under Syrian law) trade in antiquities and looted mine products.  And from opium smuggling.

Now about that “coup” attempt.

The “coup” was engineered by Erdogan to rid the military and police of those who did not demonstrate perfect loyalty — to Erdogan.

Up until the coup, Erdogan was struggling with sagging approval ratings and a restive population.  What to do but generate a swell of nationalism with which to cape himself?

So Erdogan goes on a vacation to a secret location hidden even from the military. When the military overthrew Morsi in Egypt, what was the very first thing on their to-do list?  To capture Morsi.  In Chile?  Capture Allende.  In Turkey?  Capture a bridge.


That was simply too dumb to have been anything but a feint set up by Erdogan.

a)  Erdogan convinced top allied generals to spread news of a coup

b)  Fed-up officers who didn’t like Erdogan “join”
the coup and mobilized their soldiers, believing they are part of a
majority of the army.

c)  As the day progresses, opposition officers quickly figure out they were tricked and are a minority.

d)  Worse yet, they have been revealed.  Cornered, some of them decide to fight anyway, but
it´s a battle they’ve already lost.

e)  Erdogan now knows which officers that not only are against him, but that
would also participate in coups, and he now has an excuse to slaughter them outright, and if they are not killed, to torture and kill them later.

f)  Erdogan now has a good excuse to increase his powers, which he had done during previous opportunities.  Turkey is well on its way to one-man-rule.  He declares martial law, and purges 100,000 teachers, judges, civil servants, officers, and other bureaucrats he wanted to get rid of anyway, who had committed the crime of being in the political opposition.

g)  Erdogan stirs up nationalist sentiments among the low-information populace.

h)  Most army
units on the streets who were participating in the coup surrendered
peacefully; but some massacred civilians.

That may have happened as a
REACTION, after all, Erdogan itself clamored for his supporters to take
arms and FIGHT the coup perpetrators. (really, ask civilians to fight
with bricks and handguns to fight tanks and choppers to protect HIS
POWER?). Cornered officers and soldiers. A single shot against them, may
have mass panicked and run the tanks over people. Plus some that may
have done so out of pure cruelty.

Self coups are extremely common, and in Ottoman days, they were perfected to an art form.

What should “be done” about the situation?
Nothing, at least, nothing by the United States or NATO.

Savages and religious bigots stuck in the 8th century will remain savage and bigoted.  No effort by us will ever change them.

We should disengage.

No American government assets, troops, or dollars should go anywhere near any nation in the region.  Ottomans have sought to dominate and forcibly convert all minorities for well over a thousand years.  Nothing has changed in this century.  Being on the losing side in 1915 was a temporary setback for the empire, nothing more.

Let the Russians, Indians, and Chinese deal with them, because eventually they will have to.

Turkey should be thrown out of NATO, the US should dismantle its base at Incirlik, it should end its ties with Europe and all of the 8th-century bigot regimes in the Middle East…

And then go the hell home.

5 thoughts on “Marc Montoni: Erdogan’s Reichstag Fire

  1. Kevin S Bjornson

    Excellent diagnosis, bravo! Further, I would say, your prescriptions are part right and part short.

    Perhaps Russia and Greece would depose Erdogan, as I have proposed. In that case, the US need do nothing, except kick Turkey out of NATO and withdraw our military assets (including mini-nukes) from Turkey. Perhaps, though, they would require our assistance before taking necessary actions.

    Interesting side-bar–whatever happened to NATO mini-nukes at the airbase that Erdogan surrounded?

  2. William Saturn

    This was a great read. I would like to know the source(s) for the two claims in the statement:

    “Self coups are extremely common, and in Ottoman days, they were perfected to an art form.”

  3. Marc Montoni

    William, the violent families that have been in control of the Ottoman bureaucracy for centuries have historically placed a great deal of emphasis in all of their domestic and foreign affairs on ginning up excuses for violence. The machine needs outrage to get its low-information supporters into the streets and then into the military recruiting centers.

    Hmmm… Sounds familiar, but I digress.

    In any case, the study of corrupt Ottoman statecraft is a fascinating one and it could take volumes. In fact there are a few tomes dedicated to it. Suffice it to say that the majority of conflicts in the Middle East today are the direct result of Ottoman Turkish mismanagement of the region, primarily to facilitate the transfer of wealth from subject peoples into the pockets of the Turks. Hell, ISIS itself was created by Erdogan to facilitate the Turkish recapture of Kurdish oil fields.

    Turkey has always been brutal about its claims of ownership of all the oil in its domains. The Turkish slaughter of Armenians and others in the last century was partly about stealing the oil fields those communities were sitting on.

    What is important is that the desire to inflame and place the fingerprints of others on inflammatory acts is a tradition which the Turks continue to use today.

    For instance, in its century-long war against the Greeks, A former Turkish Prime Minister admitted that the Turkish government carried out the 1955 bombing on the Turkish consulate in Greece – also damaging the nearby birthplace of the founder of modern Turkey – and blamed it on Greece, for the purpose of inciting and justifying anti-Greek violence.

    In the 50’s, 60s, and 70s, in Cyprus, the Muslim-dominated Turkish military and militia repeatedly bombed their own mosques and assassinated Turkish activists, and then blamed Greeks in order to get civilian Turks to retaliate.

    In 2013, Erdogan quickly blamed the Syrian government for the sarin gas attack outside of Damascus. Yet Turkish spooks facilitated the shipment of the chemical precursors through Turkey and into Syria, and then made sure they made their way to the rebel group that used them.

    In February 2016, Erdogan apparently used his spooks (MIT) to conduct a highly sophisticated car bomb attack timed to explode as two military buses filled with Turkish soldiers were stopped at a traffic light, killing 28 members of his own Army.

    How in the hell does a terror cell time something to the minute like that?

    The bomb was within a tightly secured area in Ankara just outside the heavily fortified Turkish military headquarters not far from the Turkish parliament building. Immediately after Ankara’s finger pointing blaming the Syrian Kurds (YPG), Erdogan rushed 500 more terrorist militants to the critical Syrian city of Azaz to prop up his terror proxies last stronghold (which was a crucial supply depot).

    The attack was simply too perfect by far.

    Erdogan used another attack that killed more Turkish troops in Diyarbakir province as an excuse to start bombing the Kurds in northern Iraq.

    As a result of the bad publicity following his ISIS goons that was turning Turkish public opinion against him, Erdogan needed something to whip up the citizenry.

    Who profited from that “coup”?

    Erdogan is continuing a violent “long con”.

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