Alaska Top-Two Bill Passes One Committee 4-3, is Sent to Another Committee

Ballot Access News:

On Saturday, April 15, the Alaska top-two bill, HB 200, passed the House Judiciary Committee 4-3. But it must now go to the State Affairs Committee. The bill’s sponsor, Representative Gabrielle Ledoux, is a member of the House Judiciary Committee.

All the testimony taken on the bill on Friday, April 14, was opposed to the bill.

The Alaska legislature’s regular session ended April 15, but the legislature is now in special session and bills from the regular session can be considered. However, most of the attention in the special session will be on the state budget, not on ordinary bills.

4 thoughts on “Alaska Top-Two Bill Passes One Committee 4-3, is Sent to Another Committee

  1. paulie

    Some of them naively believe the claims of the proponents that it will reduce partisan extremism, make the legislature more moderate, give voters more choices, etc.

    Others fully understand that it gets rid of pesky alt parties in the general election most people pay attention to, reduces and dilutes them in the primary, and converts the general election to a one-party primary runoff in heavily leaning districts. And they like that.

  2. Dave

    While this is obviously distressing, I maintain that Top-Two is a system that can’t work long-term. As soon as California or another safe D gets a situation where the party can’t decide on a consensus candidate and two Republicans slip through for the senate run off and they have a senator of the opposing party for six years, outcry will ensure the law is repealed. And that will serve as an argument that prevents any state from passing it after that. Same with the republicans if it happens in one of their states.

    Of course, this perfect storm of a situation could take several elections to pass, so I don’t blame minor parties for fighting it now. But it’s something I believe is more or less inevitable as a conclusion.

  3. Tony From Long Island

    Good Point, Dave. I certainly don’t want a Republican senator in California 🙂

    But, honestly, you all know I hate the Top Two system.

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