Jason Sorens: County map of relative strength of the LP 2016 presidential ticket

Found on FB, from Jason Sorens by way of Rachel Durden Varley. Blue represents the strongest performing counties and red the weakest.

Andy Craig comments: There were some slight variations — Utah, New Mexico, both for fairly obvious reasons – but the same basic pattern shows up in Perot’s results, past LP campaigns, Ron Paul’s primary results, and even Nader’s 2000 results.

12 thoughts on “Jason Sorens: County map of relative strength of the LP 2016 presidential ticket

  1. paulie Post author

    According to Jason in the comments on FB, Alaska does not report electoral results by borough, which is the closest thing to a county there, only by electoral district. Is that correct?

  2. Scott

    I do not remember a past LP presidential ticket doing this well in the Dakotas especially North Dakota. It even carried over into Minnesota a little. Counties on or near the border with ND such as Red Lake, Kittson, Clay and Norman had the best showings in the state with 5% or better. I have relatives that live in those first two counties and they are not Libertarian hot-beds. I was in Kittson county over the Labor Day weekend before this past election and neither saw nor heard of any support for the LP ticket. I had an LP bumper sticker on my car but I do not think that was what caused the relatively good showing.

  3. Wang Tang-Fu

    The 2016 ticket did 3 times as well as the 1980 and 2012 results and almost 10 times what each of the 1984 through 2008 tickets did. But what held relatively steady was the pattern of which areas performed relatively strongly compared to other areas.

  4. Richard Winger

    Alaska could still have been included if the percentage of the vote in each one of the 40 state house districts had been used.

  5. Chuck Moulton

    Don’t sell yourself short. I think next presidential election instead of paying Ron Nielson a million dollars, we should buy a bunch of bumper stickers and pay Scott to drive around the country.

  6. Jake Leonard

    No complaints here! At minimum three times growth within my party chapter’s counties – Montgomery, Christian and Shelby in Illinois as compared to 2012. Imagine the results if the campaign had more money in the bank and spent a little more on marketing in those regions that are far more purple than red or blue, which definitely would have included the counties in my chapter.

  7. Mike K

    The true irony of Chuck’s comment is that I heard Ron Nielson had a Romney sticker on his car in 2012

  8. Chuck Moulton

    The Romney bunper sticker throughout the campaign was Joe Hunter, communications director of Gary Johnson’s campaign in 2012 and 2016.

    I informed the delegates of this. They didn’t see a problem with Johnson top level hiring Republican staffers who supported his opponent.

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