Libertarian drops out of Meridian, MS mayoral race; cites “security reasons”

According to articles at the Meridian Star and WTOK, Mariner Durant, who had been running as a Libertarian for Mayor of Meridian, MS, dropped out of the race due to “security reasons.” According to discussions on facebook, those security reasons were death threats that had been made against him.

One thought on “Libertarian drops out of Meridian, MS mayoral race; cites “security reasons”

  1. AMcCarrick

    Libs really do just need to stay away from Mississippi and Alabama for the time being. They’re the most Authoritarian of the Authoritarian states out there, and the people there seem to love it.

    You’re going to need to work into those states using smaller town non-partisan elections and some delicate marketing that exploits what few things Libs have in common with the authoritarian nut cases. I.e; don’t utter the word Libertarian in these marketing pieces at all; use the terms Minarchist, Liberty, Freedom, and free-market.

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