Nicholas Hensley: ‘Time for Nonpartisan Special Investigation’

The recent firing of FBI director Comey has sparked bipartisan interest in a special nonpartisan investigation. The Reform Party would like to voice its support for a nonpartisan special investigation into White House ties with the Russia. If Republican Congressman believe that there is nothing for the Trump Administration to hide, they should allow an investigation to proceed in order to clear any speculation of illegal activity from the White House.

In perhaps a bit of irony, Trump briefly sought the Reform Party presidential nomination in 2000 before dropping out of that race.

One thought on “Nicholas Hensley: ‘Time for Nonpartisan Special Investigation’

  1. Great ideas

    Agreed with Hensley. It’s definitely time for special prosecutors and I would add impeachment. Not that Pence would be a good president either but Trump is just completely unacceptable. There is a very good chance he is actually a foreign agent, and/or mentally ill.

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