Tom Woods: Judd Weiss, John McAfee’s VP Pick, on What Really Happened Behind the Scenes

14 thoughts on “Tom Woods: Judd Weiss, John McAfee’s VP Pick, on What Really Happened Behind the Scenes

  1. D. Frank Robinson

    I have a personal codicil to the LP Statement of Principles as a former and prospective Libertarian candidate myself, “Governments, where they exist, should be systematically dismantled.”

  2. LG

    UGH , fuck that pompous bitch.Besides taking cool pictures and throwing swank parties can somebody tell me why this dude thinks anybody cares what he has to say? Why he or anybody thought he was qualified whatsoever to be a VP candidate is BEYOND me. He thinks because he just so fucking cool he can attack LONGTIME LP activists. STFU Judd , go crawl around after your popular girlfriend who actually HAS some real LP cred and lick the boots of your billionaire handler but leave the real work to people who know what they’re doing

  3. dL

    I agree that libertarian messaging could use an overhaul. However, I root the current messaging problem to an old, stale conservative fusionism rather than “social awkwardness.” You know politics is often referred to as “Hollywood for the Ugly” for a reason. I’m not sure how “cool” you can make any political party.

  4. Bonnie Kruse

    As an actual young person, (I’m 20) I think what he said makes perfect sense about revamping the liberty movement. He isn’t talking about revamping the LP, but the movement. The most young people probably ever were interested in the 2016 election. Young people on youtube do really well talking about liberty.(Lauren Southern, ThatGuyT, TrueDilTom) The reason more aren’t interested is that it isn’t about ideas with the LP it’s about politics. And I’m just lucky I found cool stuff like Tom Woods to get me interested in libertarian ideas because there would be no way that a year ago I would have picked up a book about it. I think that’s what Judd is saying and he said he’s gonna try to get Tom to let him on again and talk more in a positive way about what he really thinks should be done. I feel like most libertarians when they first realize they are one just want to do something! I gave money to Gary Johnson’s campaign and I was fired up about it. Hearing this and just seeing what a failure he was almost put out that flame. And it’s because politics is not the way to liberty.

  5. dL

    Lauren Southern, ThatGuyT, TrueDilTom

    “Hollywood for the 3rd rate” boobtube…yeah, that’s the ticket

  6. Bonnie

    So you think they aren’t doing anything for the movement or what’s your point? And I dislike some things about Lauren for a number of reasons but is she not getting people thinking about non-statist solutions?

  7. dL

    So you think they aren’t doing anything for the movement


    no, i don’t think a perpetually outraged alt-right self-promoter like Laura Southern who caters to an audience of emasculated boobs serves anything other than her own culture war media career…

  8. Bonnie Kruse

    I just disagree lol. I don’t think she does nothing but have boobs but okay have a great day.

  9. D. Frank Robinson

    When undertaking any action within the LP or the liberty movement generally, one should ask these questions and answer cogently: Will this action advance the systematic dismantling of the state? What institution of the state does it undermine as illegitimate?
    I propose focusing more attention on the root claims of the state to justify its immunity from the application of the non-aggression principle. For example, the claim of the state that because people mark ballots, then the state has an unlimited license from all the people to steal, censor and kill.

  10. Andy

    That Guy T and Lauren Southern are both excellent YouTubers. I am not familiar with the other person mentioned.

  11. dL

    I just disagree lol. I don’t think she does nothing but have boobs but okay have a great day.


    If I mean tits, I will say tits, but I rarely want to sully one of god’s greatest creations w/ talk of politics…

  12. Christopher Thrasher

    Keeping up with Judd’s slanders is a full time job… Here is my response from the first time he was given a platform to spew this nonsense:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    In a recent video, several unfounded accusations and slanders were thrown towards me regarding the 2016 Libertarian Presidential campaign. At first, I dismissed these as nothing more than sour grapes.

    Unfortunately, these slanders have continued unabated, and I now have no choice but to respond.

    During the first quarter of 2016, I served as the campaign manager for John McAfee’s bid for the Libertarian Presidential nomination. When I came onboard after an aborted independent run, there was no campaign team, no infrastructure, nor was there much in the way of resources available. Even still, as a political professional, I knew that there was a narrow path to victory. I began to set the campaign on track for a legitimate chance to clench the nomination, crafting a new platform, and engineering several earned media narratives that dominated the national news cycle for a time. The campaign took off and began to succeed.

    In seeking supporters for McAfee, I approached Judd Weiss through mutual acquaintances with the idea of holding a fundraiser for the campaign. Weiss immediately inserted himself into the conversation for Vice Presidential running mate.

    I was vehemently opposed to Judd Weiss’ candidacy for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was his 2012 arrest for Felony Sexual Assault, which culminated in his pleading no contest to a felony.

    It was immediately clear that Weiss had no intention of engaging in any of the necessary legwork to actually win the nomination. In fact, were it not for my own (literally) last minute nomination at the California Libertarian Convention, Weiss would not have even been a delegate to the national convention.

    Instead of engaging in the immediate crucial and time sensitive task at hand – appealing to delegates and focusing on the internal Libertarian campaign – Weiss chose to focus on marketing to a “movement” using online videos with dubious copyright status. While such a marketing campaign may have been effective in the general election, it did nothing towards the task of winning the Libertarian Party nomination.

    Around this same time, I also began to notice that Mr. McAfee’s priorities had shifted. There are many factors that may have contributed to this. Mr. McAfee is an extremely intelligent man, and I believe he may have seen the writing on the wall. Now, Mr. McAfee is once again making money as the head of successful technology firm. I certainly hold no ill will towards him for possibly making a calculated decision that was arguably in his best interest.

    With Weiss’ constant interference, and the continued de-emphasis on campaigning to delegates, I came to the realization that there was no longer a reason for me to continue with the campaign.

    There was no doubt in my mind at that time that due to Weiss’ involvement, and to a lesser extent Mr. McAfee’s shift in priorities, the narrow path to victory had ceased to exist.

    I attempted to leave quietly and cordially. When Mr. McAfee contacted Austin Petersen about my departure, Petersen’s team posted articles about my departure. I did not make any public comment until after the story was published. My intention was to simply transition out, quietly and professionally.

    Weiss makes a claim of sabotage surrounding convention of the Libertarian Party of Louisiana. This was the week following my official departure, and yet I was still trying to assist the campaign during the transition. In fact, Mr. McAfee had committed to this convention quite early in the cycle, before other priorities came into view. I know where John was that weekend. John knows where he was that weekend. I am certain Weiss to this day has no idea. After getting no response from the supposed new campaign manager all week, I then contacted Weiss.

    Thus began a continual narrative from the new campaign; making me the scapegoat for practically anything and everything that went wrong after my departure.

    Weiss then goes on to make the ridiculous claim that I was “Paid Off” by the Johnson campaign.

    Let me be clear: the reason I left the McAfee campaign was due to the detrimental change in philosophy and lack of cohesive political strategy that accompanied Weiss’ inserting himself into the campaign.

    After sitting out several weeks, I was offered and accepted the position of Floor Director for the Johnson campaign’s convention efforts.

    Make no mistake, despite Weiss’ dubious and unsubstantiated claims of impropriety, what won the nominations was superior organization and convention floor work. A plan of action, successfully conceived and executed by Apollo Pazell, myself, and others, won the day for our candidates.

    Upon our successful convention victory, I chose to continue working on the campaign in a capacity where I would have a tangible goal, and be in the best position to further the Libertarian Party’s future.

    As the Director of Ballot Access for the Johnson/Weld campaign, I successfully coordinated the effort to achieve ballot access in all 50 states. It was the first successful 50 State + DC ballot access drive for an Independent or Third-Party candidate in more than two decades.

    Weiss makes the outrageous and untrue claim that the compensation I received for these efforts was a “Payoff” from the Johnson campaign. This is nothing more than a vicious slander from a failed candidate.

    As a political professional, I am no stranger to baseless attacks. However, my professional reputation in politics also relies on preserving my name and accomplishments. It is for these reasons I have written this response, in an attempt to end the nonsense and rumors that have been so irresponsibly disseminated. -CT

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