LP’s Joe Buchman first on the ballot in Utah’s Special Election

Libertarian Joe Buchman is the first party affiliated candidate on the November ballot for the Special Election for the US House, Third District in Utah. The opening was created following the resignation of Congressman Jason Chaffetz. While the two old parties have yet to hold their conventions, and will likely face primary challengers on August 15, Buchman’s campaign is up in full swing. Joe has been interviewed by three of the state’s newspapers, some multiple times, and had a 10 minute interview on KSL radio’s Doug Wright show. Links to those interviews and more can be found under the media section on Buchman’s website, www.GoToL.vote. Buchman says:

“The “L” I am calling the people of Utah to move toward is the ‘Light of Liberty, Love, Legalization, Life, and Let Us Alone!'”


Certification as a General Election Candidate


Main webpage








Deseret News Articles



Salt Lake Tribune Article


KSL Interview



City Weekly






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7 thoughts on “LP’s Joe Buchman first on the ballot in Utah’s Special Election

  1. Chuck Moulton

    I get an error message whenever I try to donate to the campaign. Maybe it’s just not mobile friendly? I’ll try again when I am near a computer.

  2. Joe


    Thanks for trying. I’ve received a couple of donations so I think it is working somewhere.

  3. Just Some Random Guy

    I notice on the website that in the upper right hand corner there’s simply links to “Home,” “Photos,” and “More.” Clicking on “More” will make “What the L Is This About?” and “DONATE” and “Media” appear. The problem is that doing this doesn’t knock off the Home and Photos, so I’m really unclear on why you have to click on the More to have stuff appear if it can appear without taking up so much space that the default links disappear.

    Basically, it just makes the Donate and other links harder to find… and without any apparent reason. Even if it did have to be like this, it would make more sense if the defaults were Home, Donate, and More (to open the rest), as the Donate link seems far more pertinent than Photos.

  4. George Phillies

    In my opinion, a candidate page at top right on every page should have “Donate”, “Volunteer”, and “More info”. Those are the most important things on the page.

  5. Joseph Buchman

    Just some random guy and George,

    I get all five sub pages on the main screen . . .

    Buchman website

    I’m not at the level of web designer to have multiple monitors beyond looking at what it looks like on my main screen, on my Android MOTO phone, and on Go Daddy’s version of what it (should) look like on a mobile phone.

    So any suggestions ARE WELCOME – including who I might hire this out to to take it to the next level.


  6. Joseph Buchman

    I’ve moved the order around to (hopefully) minimize the MORE button appearing on narrower screens. Let me know if that helped. Under DONATE I have both “time” and “money” – I’ll look at moving VOLUNTEER up there and creating a new page for that.

    Meanwhile if you have time read:


    My responses start on page 28 (which you can enter as a page number near the top of that screen).

    Feedback (both public here and private at: UtahgoestoL@gmail.com) is welcome.

    (as are donations)


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