Tom Woods: Glenn Jacobs, WWE’s Kane, Runs for Mayor

5 thoughts on “Tom Woods: Glenn Jacobs, WWE’s Kane, Runs for Mayor

  1. Andy

    Glenn Jacobs (aka-“Kane”) is running for Mayor of Knoxville County, Tennessee, in the Republican primaries, but he is a Life Member of the Libertarian Party, and was a delegate to the 2008 Libertarian National Convention in Denver, CO. I met him at that convention, and he seemed like a really good guy, I think that he is running as a Republican due to frustration with the lack of success of the Libertarian Party, and because a bunch of people urged him to run as a Republican, because they think that he’s got a better chance of getting elected under the Republican Party banner.

    I do not know if Tom Woods has ever been a dues paying member of the Libertarian Party or not, but he has spoken at some Libertarian Party conventions, like the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando last year, and the Libertarian Party of Texas State Convention a few years ago, and probably some other conventions I’m not thinking of right not or of which I am not aware.

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