Greg Duerden: ‘HR193 – American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017’

Greg Duerden at Independent American Party:

HR193 – American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017 is sponsored by Congressman Mike Rogers (R- AL) and co-sponsored by eight (8) others (Walter Jones of No. Carolina, Andy Biggs of Arizona, Jason Smith of Missouri, Thomas Massie of Kentucky, John Duncan of Tennessee, Matt Gaetz of Florida, Raul Labrador of Idaho, and Alexander Mooney of West Virginia). This bill was referred to the full House, from the Foreign Affairs Committee in January (Jan. 3, 2017).

The bill’s purpose is to repeal the United Nations Participation Act of 1945, termination of membership in the United Nations (U.N.) and closure of the U.N. Mission to the United States (U.S.) office, repeal of the U.N. Headquarters Agreement Act, halting assessed and voluntary contributions to the U.N., terminating both participation and funding for U.N. Peacekeeping operations, repeal of U.S. membership and participation in the U.N. educational, scientific and cultural organizations, repeal of the U.N. Environment Program Participation Act of 1973, repeal of U.S. participation in the World Health Organization, repeal of U.N. conventions and agreements, and “any organ, specialized agency, commission, or other formally affiliated body of the United Nations.” Thereby, essentially “Get(ting) US out of the U.N.,” as so many billboard signs have touted for ever-so-very-long and restoring the lost “American Sovereignty.”

Other than Nicki Haley, our current Ambassador to the U.N., who would really fight against this bill? Progressives? Liberals? Some NWO (New World Order) or OWG (One World Government) types? Not all of them, even. But this just seems like too much common sense, especially when one realizes the amount of power the U.N. has even domestically within the U.S. – can you say “black helicopters” flying over your cities and towns? And that is not just conspiracy theorists and John Birch-ers claiming that anymore, although the John Birch Society has touted the “Get US out of the U.N.” line for multiple decades.

Granted, the U.N. has done a few things ‘right’ in their 60+ years. But, balance that with the encroaching loss of American Sovereignty in that self-same timeframe and the scales of justice are far, too far, out of kilter!

We therefore encourage all members of the IAP to contact their Congressional delegation and encourage them to support and approve HR193, as written, during the 2017-2018, 115th Session of Congress.

4 thoughts on “Greg Duerden: ‘HR193 – American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017’

  1. DJ

    Ain’t gonna happen. Demopublicans would have to admit “sovereignty” actually means something and it’s clear that Republicrats would have to rein in their domestic intrusions and their foreign intrusions.

    This is like term limits by law. Or abolishing the fed reserve, or doing away with legal theft. Wishful thinking.

  2. Jim

    No way. Even the Libertarians dropped UN skepticism when libertarians peacefully reformed Communism. The UN Declaration was created by libertarians and guided the old LP platform. The UN is the kiddie section for some sort of US-like rights based systems and an alliance the US formed to keep the peace against mega-wars.

    UN bureaucrats have a lot of silly ideas but the cultural cure is continued spread of libertarianism.

  3. V for Vagina

    I must admit that is a perspective I have not heard before. I’ve always heard that the UN Charter was created by communists. Please tell me more, as it sounds intriguing. Who were the libertarians who created it?

  4. Tony From Long Island

    Who would fight against this bill? ME.

    This is one of the dumbest ideas I have read in years.

    I oppose almost every single U.S. Military excursion because I feel they are the purview of the UN.

    The U.S. has lost its “sovereignty?” That is laughable. The U.S. has done what it wants when it wants around the world for almost a century without really caring about how it is perceived by other nations. It has never cared if it really had the backing of the UN. It’s nice when it does, but it has never stopped us when we haven’t.

    Other than Afghans, who should be the ones trying to ensure stability in that country? EVERYONE else in the world. Not the United States. A stable Afghanistan is good for the stability of the entire world. This is just one example of thousands.

    Do you really think that in . . .say 500 years . . . there will still be 200 some odd separate nations on Earth?

    Of course, one of the pre-requisites for membership in the United Federation of Planets is having a united world government, right? šŸ™‚

    . . . . . let the skewering of Tony commence in 3 . . 2 . . 1 . . .

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