Joseph Buchman: ‘Why you should consider the Libertarian candidate for the 3rd District’

Joseph Buchman in the Deseret News:

On Aug. 16, Republicans in the 3rd District finally chose a candidate to fill the empty seat formerly held by Jason Chaffetz. Because this was a three-way race with no run-off, the fiscally responsible voters of the 3rd District were divided, and as a result, the GOP candidate for this fall will be the least fiscally responsible, least free market oriented of the three. And this is in Utah’s most fiscally responsible congressional district.

On the Democratic side, we have a candidate advocating an even more aggressive federal government micromanaging of health care from D.C., raising the tax and debt burden on every American.

Meanwhile, our local media have zeroed in on only one “alternative” to this lack of real choice, the son of the late Sen. Bob Bennett, who was ousted by Utah’s fiscal conscience Sen. Mike Lee. The fiscally sound folks from Utah’s 3rd Congressional District currently have six candidates on the November ballot to choose from, but only three are being mentioned as viable choices to represent their interests in Washington.

This letter is not a reflection on the character of the candidates in this race, in fact, having met both Jim Bennett and John Curtis, I can genuinely say that these candidates are seemingly very good people with good intentions.

However, the records and statements of the Democrat and the Republican in this race present two candidates with only slight differences in their tax and spending policies. With Congress discussing the critical issue of tax reform in the coming year, it is critical that the fiscally responsible people of Utah are represented by a true voice for substantive tax reform.

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2 thoughts on “Joseph Buchman: ‘Why you should consider the Libertarian candidate for the 3rd District’

  1. Michael

    10 comments on the article (at the time I looked), none positive, 10 negative.

    Buchman has a very uphill climb.

  2. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    “If you vote for the Libertarian, you will have a representative for one year who will not be forced to focus on re-election”

    So, if elected, he’s only going to serve a year and then quit? What’s the point of that?

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