LNC 2017: Summary of last weekend’s meeting in Kansas City

A summary for those who did not have the time to attend the meeting, watch/listen to it at
http://www.ustream.tv/channel/libertarian-party1 (archived video available for a limited time) or read our liveblogging in the comments on the previous article; revisions, additions and corrections are welcome in the comments.

UPDATE: First draft of minutes:

1. Reports are at https://www.lp.org/event/lnc-meeting-2/ and were also presented and discussed verbally.

2. A pre-meeting fundraiser raised over $67,000.

3. There was a discussion of potential 2020 convention venues. While no action was taken, Starchild’s long standing suggestion about considering unconventional venues received support from Jeff Hewitt and a more serious discussion than I remember ever being held about that idea by any LNC in any year.

4. $12,000 was moved in the budget to membership fundraising from building fundraising and $20,000 from compensation to media costs. The mortgage on the building is now more than half paid off.

5. Alicia Mattson’s motion to exercise trademark infringement protection law against groups using the name “Libertarian Party,” potentially including party caucuses was defeated by a vote of 13-3 with one abstention.

6. Motion to increase appropriate budget line by $5,000 for a state-level CRM solution. Passed without objection.

7. On a motion from Ed Marsh, the LNC budgeted $67,000 for Tennessee Ballot Access.

8. A number of motions passed without objection regarding procedures requested by the Historical Preservation Committee to conduct its work in sorting, classifying, copying and preserving party historical documents and disposing of things like old utility bills and rent receipts.

9. The LNC voted to implement suggestions 1-6 of the Social Media Process Review Committee, after an amendment by Aaron Starr to put HQ staff in charge.

10. A motion by Bill Redpath to add $32.5k to the budget for Ohio ballot access passed by 11-1 with 5 abstentions. Concern was expressed by some over the Ohio party’s level of effort on this project.

11. Two separate proposals from Starchild and Sam Goldstein for a candidate support committee were considered. Goldstein’s proposal received more votes, and was amended as proposed by Daniel Hayes to strike the last two paragraphs. That proposal passed, despite the objections of some that is better to teach candidates “how to fish” than to “give them a fish.”

12. Ben Bachrach, Susan Hogarth, Emily Salvette, Steven Linnabary and David Stewart were elected to the Credentials Committee, with Mike Kane as first alternate.

13. A motion by Alicia Mattson to overturn directives still in effect put in place by former chair Geoff Neale on APRC to allow publications to go out as soon as they get 3 votes in favor from APRC members (if challenged, or faster if not challenged) was postponed indefinitely.

14. Arvin Vohra’s motion “Resolved, the Libertarian National Committee calls for immediate U.S.
government withdrawal from NATO” passed, after another motion with the same effect but listing a variety of reasons as to why, also proposed by Arvin Vohra, was rejected. The motion which was passed was amended to include the word government as proposed by Starchild.

15. A motion passed overwhelmingly authorizing up to $25,000 for contracting of wealth screening services for the purpose of enhancing fundraising.

16. A motion to keep the auditor’s report confidential passed.

17. April 21-22, with a pre-meeting fundraiser on Friday, April 20, 2018 was set as the spring LNC meeting. It was suggested that the meeting be held in a legal cannabis state but as far as I can see from the notes the latter suggestion was not voted on. As previously voted on there will also be a meeting on 12/9-10, 2017 in New Orleans.

18. Caryn Ann Harlos, Brett Bittner, Larry Sharpe, Sam Goldstein and Jeff Hewitt were elected to the new candidate support committee.

6 thoughts on “LNC 2017: Summary of last weekend’s meeting in Kansas City

  1. paulie Post author

    So far I only got one correction. That can’t possibly be the only mistake I made. You all should really help me with this …

  2. Starchild

    Thanks for this, Paulie. Nice to have some of the important points highlighted, as it might not be that easy to go into the live blogging or the video and find them, and your tone is more informal/accessible than minutes typically are.

  3. paulie Post author

    Thank you! For a little while there I was worried that I was talking only to myself and one other person who may or may not want to be identified since he or she emailed me rather than making the correction in a comment 🙂

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