8/22/2017 LP Phone Conference – Outreach to Rural America

Bumping this up as it is scheduled for tonight, and was already on our 5th page before the bump…


You are invited
to a special conference call on

Outreach to Rural America


Apollo Pazell
Brandon Lavy

Tuesday, August 22

6 PM Pacific
7 PM Mountain
8 PM Central
9 PM Eastern

Apollo Pazell is a political consultant based in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Apollo has been highly involved with and managed many campaigns. He has a win loss ratio of 63:7.
Apollo specializes in contested primary campaigns, messaging, image, and developing state campaigns.

Brandon Lavy is the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Monroe County, Indiana,
where they are leveraging conventional and unconventional campaign
techniques to engage their community and mobilize libertarian-leaning voters on Election Day.

To RSVP, click here, fill out the form,
and we will send you the call-in information.

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