Susan Hogarth: ‘Engage! A brief note from the LPNC Chair’

Email from Susan Hogarth:

Fellowship, freedom, ENGAGE!

The 2017 Libertarian Party of North Carolina state convention has concluded and I am writing to you as your newly elected Chair. I’m incredibly energized and excited about the prospects the next two years will bring.

It was an historic convention, with record attendance and fundraising – many thanks to convention committee Chair James Hines and all those who assisted him for making this such a success. The next newsletter will contain details on fundraising, bylaws changes, the new Executive Committee, and all the fun we had. Just for now this tidbit: we had over 90 voting delegates, and 120 attendees.

I would like to thank the delegates who dedicated this past weekend to attending. The fellowship, the discussions, the speakers, the networking, and the fun activites, created an energy and a rededication that every delegate is taking back to our counties and communities across the state.

Our priorities are to create more county and university affiliates, contact and activate as many registered libertarians as possible, run candidates this fall and for the General Assembly and Congress next year, and reach out to North Carolinians who are disatisfied with the status quo who are looking for something better.

A more complete convention report should be available next week, but I just wanted to share with you all my excitement, a few of my pictures, and my commitment to frequent and meaningful communication between the Executive Committee and the Party’s membership. You are welcome to contact me any time via text or phone at 919-906-2106, by email at, or by Facebook.

In the coming weeks, months and election cycles you will see exactly how the state party plans to support our candidates and our county affiliates in delivering a better choice to their constituents and residents, a choice for liberty! This is an exciting time to be a part of this movement.

Advancing liberty in North Carolina,

Susan Hogarth
Chair, Libertarian Party of North Carolina

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