The Jack News: ‘Adam Kokesh’s Presidential Campaign Promise Is That He’ll Abolish The Federal Government’

Excerpt from an article at The Jack News which is part of a series on possible 2020 LP Presidential candidates. The other would be candidates profiled so far are Tom Campbell, Mary Ruwart, Bill Weld, Justin Amash, Steve Kerbel, Jeffrey Miron and Larry Sharpe, with one more as yet unnamed person to be added tomorrow.

Controversial anarchist and civil-disobedience activist Adam Kokesh has already announced his intention to seek the 2020 Libertarian Party nomination.

He’s running on a platform of abolishing the federal government by decree as his first, only, and last presidential action. Whether or not the president would even have the power to do such a thing is pretty dubious, but Kokesh waves away such constitutional concerns as irrelevant.

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5 thoughts on “The Jack News: ‘Adam Kokesh’s Presidential Campaign Promise Is That He’ll Abolish The Federal Government’

  1. Andy

    Is that unnamed person IPR’s own Warren Redlich? I saw something about this in a comment on Jack News.

  2. George Dance

    It should be noted that the “libertarian Libertarian” who ran a write-in POTUS campaign in 2016 on a platform of abolishing the U.S. government was credited (according to Richard Winger of Ballot Access News) with a grand total of 8 votes nationwide.

  3. Andy

    Once again George, nobody knows how many write in votes Darryl Perry got because a lot of states either do not count them. or they count them and release the totals only if the candidate, or their supporters, jump through some hoops to have them counted, and Perry jumped in the race as a write in after it was too late to jump through the hoops necessary to have his write in votes counted in most states.

    Perry’s write in campaign started late, and received little coverage, so I doubt he got many votes, but he likely got more than you mentioned, because most states never counted or tallied them.

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