The Jack News: ‘The Road to 2020: Where Does the Libertarian Party Go From Here?’

The Jack News:

A wrap-up of The Jack News Guide to the Libertarian Party Presidential Race in 2020.

Editor’s Note: The introduction to this series includes links to each of the nine profiles.

For The Jack News guide to potential candidates for the 2020 presidential nomination, we’ve sought to include a representative cross-sample of the party’s possible contenders. Underlying the series of articles are deeper divides within the party.

While the presidential nomination in each electoral cycle becomes the most high-profile embodiment of such disputes, these undercurrents also shape the field of potential candidates.

The nine individuals profiled are admittedly a highly speculative list. If you asked a dozen Libertarians to provide tick off potential nominees, you’d probably get a hundred different names. To win a majority of the nearly one thousand state party delegates will require bridging those divides.

The article goes on to examine three such “undercurrents”: Radicals vs. pragmatists, Social conservatives vs. classical liberals and “How to react and respond to Trump.”

The article concludes:

At a time when our nation’s “two-party” system has never been more unpopular, the delegates attending the convention of the America’s largest third political party in 2020 may well face another big opportunity to affect the future of American politics.

Full article here.

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