Third Party Info: ‘Interview with Paul Bachmann, Chairman of the Florida Reform Party’

Third Party Info:

1. Do you think that the Reform Party can be revitalized?

Not only do I think we can, but that has already started.

2. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Sure. In 1992, after having worked since the age of 16, my doctors determined I was disabled. I had already had 12 knee surgeries, two of which were total replacements, a failed back surgery, and a misdiagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, my days of making money were over. I was truly devastated. I would find out seven years later doctors had made a mistake. I took shots to my body every other day for six years for something I never had. I determined after being deemed disabled that somebody had to give a voice to people like me. I started advocating on behalf of the nation’s elderly, sick, disabled, poor, bullied, and Veterans for free. Without money I knew that I could use Facebook for free and start a group page called Americans for Disabled Americans that I still work on. I talk to representatives at the local, State, and Federal level. I sat down and talked with Governors of most of the U.S. I wrote Presidents Carter, Clinton, Bush Sr., W. Bush, and Clinton explaining needing a friendship with them to help my fellow person. All agreed and sent me personalized autographed pictures to stand with and send my fight to help everyone I could. I contacted members of the US House and engaged them in conversations to help them understand someone else’s view. I have helped write Law in Illinois where I was awarded the fifth pen used to sign the Bill by their Governor.

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