Andre Gabriel Esparza: Patrick Smith, Candidate for Texas (not) Governor, Seeks to Restore Self-Ownership, End Government

Patrick Smith, identified on his website as “Non-Aggression Principle compliant human. Current and Future Not-Governor of Texas”

Andre Gabriel Esparza at (H/T TE Finnegan):

What a treat it would be to live in your home and engage in voluntary transactions without being monitored or stolen from. Being in charge of your own methods of self-defense without anyone’s permission. Sustaining you and your family in any form or fashion of your choosing without harming anyone. Well, that is what the Libertarian Candidate for Governor of Texas, Patrick Smith, covets. The available tools of Tyranny are being used as a counter strike. Spreading the message of Voluntaryism and the non-aggression principle is essential.

I had an opportunity to ask a local jury nullification activist, Eric Haley, about Patrick.

“Patrick Smith is one of the most morally and philosophically consistent ancaps that I know. I admire the work that he has done over the past few years with his YouTube channels and voluntaryist meetups to try to expand minds and deepen people’s understanding of the voluntaryist philosophy and self-ownership. He’s not only well spoken, and very intelligent, he is also great at debating and finding logical fallacies. He’s a family man and all around great guy, who strives to live 100% by the non-aggression principle. He is one of my role models and I believe he is the best candidate that I know to take on the role of spreading the ideas of liberty to the masses, which is why I decided to support him in his campaign for ‘not-governor’ and why I became a ‘not-delegate’.”

I contacted Patrick for an interview.

First, we got to know him a little more when he shared this brief history about himself with us. Patrick is an unschooling dad of three and a husband to his wife, Breanna. He is currently a technology entrepreneur with a history in the Powersports, automotive, and cryptocurrency spaces. He lives for the competition and freedom of capitalism. He is also a philosopher, which he would tell you is just a fancy word for someone that is annoyed by inconsistency and loves a good debate seeking the truth. Patrick is also an activist seeking to spread the ideas of freedom, consent, and the non-aggression principle around the world through his youtube channel, Disenthrall, and locally, by organizing the 2nd largest Voluntaryist meet-up group in the world where he lives in Dallas.

His belief in the rightful authority of government began to weaken when he went on ride-alongs with Fort Worth police and saw the things they actually do to people in the name of their authority. His trust in the competence of government was destroyed by his time as a contractor for a few federal government agencies. Various other abuses lead him to question what the actual source of their authority was. First, he thought it was god, then the constitution, then natural law. Finally, the discovery of the ideals of the Non-Aggression Principle through people such as Napolitano, Stephan Molyneux (classic), Lysander Spooner, and Walter Block lead him to the consistent positions he lives by and promotes today.

Nowadays, he is testing if it’s possible to be a 100% Non-Aggression Principle compliant candidate in the Texas gubernatorial race for 2018. He’s created quite a stir by being the first candidate to run for Not-Governor and he is seeking Not-Delegates at for the libertarian convention in Texas in order to free Texans from the control of the government that claims to derive powers from our consent.

I asked him a few questions to see what his stance was:

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20 thoughts on “Andre Gabriel Esparza: Patrick Smith, Candidate for Texas (not) Governor, Seeks to Restore Self-Ownership, End Government

  1. DJ

    I applaud his effort. If he’s sincere it’ll be worth watching.

    That said, I don’t think he has a snow balls chance in hell at even being recognized. Most people aren’t comfortable with being free. They have no concept of what it entails. They believe “somebody has to be in charge”. I’ve had those very words said to me when the subject was approached. Though personal experience is anecdotal, it is indicative of our society’s belief structure and thought process. So, hopefully what little recognition he gets it will at least arouse a broad curiosity, though I wouldn’t count on it. The press will vilify him and make him out to be a nut case, and the press, sadly, has the bully pulpit.

    Remember Debra Medina? Her big thing was property rights. She made a very small impression, sadly.

    Any change, to be effective, will have to be incremental. Hearts have to be won before minds can be changed. That reduces the *campaign* to one person (or group) at a time, which is time consuming, which = incremental.

    But, being a sowing seeds kinda guy, I have to applaud his effort. I’ll certainly give others a heads up so they can make up their own minds.

  2. Gina

    Block from “Libertarians for Trump”? Steve “racist misogynist cult leader” Molyneux?! Why not just go all the way and be influenced by Christopher “crying nazi” Cantwell, Augustus “dismemberment” Invictus, Hans Herman “Heil Hitler” Hoppe, Rockin’ Ryan “skrewdriver” Ramsey, David “wacko” Macko and Richard “alt reich” Spencer while you’re at it?

  3. Gina

    On the plus side he has Lysander Spooner in there so there’s hope for him yet. Lots of “not luck” in that campaign for “not Governor”!

  4. Andy

    This guy says he is running for Not-Governor. It sounds like he got this from Adam Kokesh’s campaign for Not-President. When I interviewed Adam he did say that he’d like for their to be a slate of Libertarian Party candidates at the local, state, and fedeeal level, running on the same platform as him.

  5. Luke

    “Libertarians for Trump” is such a horribly botched partial birth abortion crawling with radioactive blood sucking cockroaches that anyone who came within a hundred miles of it should be permanently quarantined before they infect anyone who ever comes near them again.

  6. paulie Post author

    This guy says he is running for Not-Governor. It sounds like he got this from Adam Kokesh’s campaign for Not-President.

    Yep. TE told me they did a joint event she went to in Texas, iirc.

  7. robert capozzi

    For those paying attention, this campaign lays bare the frivolous nature of political NAPsterism.

  8. Andy

    Walter Block has put out a lot of good material over the years, and he only endorsed Trump as a “lesser of two evils” candidate because he thought Hillary was worse. Same with Stephan Molyneux (who is a Canadian citizen, who does not even live in this country). Whether or not this was a sound strategy should not diminish the volume of good work put out by both men.

    Block and Molyneux endorsing Trump is no worse than “Libertarians” who backed Gary Johnson and Bill Weld, a couple of phonies who wouldn’t know a libertarian principle If it was tattooed to the back of their hand. If the Libertarian Party is going to nominate candidates who are as unprincipled as Johnson/Weld, then the party really doesn’t have a lot of moral high ground upon which to stand.

    Just in case anyone here missed it, Bill Weld, who still claims to be a “Libertarian”, was recently interviewed by Reason Magazine, and during the interview he said that he’s an internationalist who thinks that the US should “sabre rattle” and project its military might by doing air strikes sometimes. This is the guy that Gary Johnson called “the original libertarian” at the Libertarian National Convention in Orlando last year.

    Hans-Hermann Hoppe is unfairly demonized by leftists for not bowing down to political correctness. People who attack Hoppe display their own ignorance, lack of principles, and irrationality.

  9. Andy

    Thane, Libertarians for Johnson/Weld is a better example of what not to do next time (at least Libertarians for Trump happened outside the LP).

  10. Thane Eichenauer

    Hello Andy,
    There are so many lessons to be learned from the 2016 election.

    It is easier and easier to condemn Libertarians for Trump after the fact. The problem of military power under the power of a political system seems like a nearly insoluble evil. Every military deployment under Trump and every continued military deployment under Trump is a boost to the campaign of Adam Kokesh.

  11. paulie Post author

    It is easier and easier to condemn Libertarians for Trump after the fact.

    Personally, I found it just as easy before the fact as did many others.

  12. Thane Eichenauer

    paulie>Personally, I found it just as easy before the fact as did many others.

    I happily grant you one point of wisdom and insight for that. Part of the ongoing Trump problem is that he is suuuuuuch a talented con artist.

  13. Andy

    “Thane Eichenauer
    November 26, 2017 at 04:52
    Hello Andy,
    There are so many lessons to be learned from the 2016 election.”

    Thane, the Libertarian Party didn’t seem to learn anything from the 2008 and 2012 elections, so I’m not as confident as I’d like to be that the party has learned anything from the 2016 election.

    How many times does the LP have to screw up before a critical mass of party members take adequate action to not screw up again?

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