LP.org: ‘On Giving Tuesday, give Liberty’


Today is Giving Tuesday.

This year, please give the gift of Liberty.

We have big ambitions for 2018.

– 2,000 Libertarian candidates on ballots nationwide.

– Winning more races, through strategic targeting.

– Building a robust database for state parties.

– 50 state (plus DC) ballot access so that every voter will have Libertarian candidates on their ballot.

But, to do all of this, we need your help.

Please consider donating $25 to our 2018 Money Bomb.

If 100 people donate $25, that turns into $2,500.

If 200 people donate $25, that turns into $5,000.

If 500 people donate $25, that turns into $12,500.

If you want to see big things happen in 2018, invest now.

Give yourself and others the gift of Liberty by investing in the Libertarian Party today.

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