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Don Grundmann Pens Letter to Russia

Dr. Don Grundmann, chairman of the Constitution Party of California, wrote the following letter, addressed to the Washington Russian Ambassador and the San Francisco Consul General of Russia.  He titles it “An apology and a pledge from an American.”

Sirs :

I am Don J. Grundmann, D.C. and I write to you now as an American citizen to express my shame in my government for waging a proxy war against your nation via its war criminal sock-puppet of NATO. This horrific action has resulted in countless totally avoidable deaths which have only occurred because my nation has been conquered by an anti-Christian “Deep State” which seeks to permanently destroy your nation for all generations to come in order to build a Satanic/Humanist Religion “New World Order.”

I have known of the reality of such a “Deep State” for some time but its actions in seeking to destroy your nation via using Ukraine as a hammer for attack was, in addition to the CIA sponsored/promoted “Maidan” coup of 2014, far more shockingly expressed by the recent statement of the Director of the British Intelligence agency MI6 who openly declared that the greatest difference between your nation and the NATO/Ukraine alliance which targets it for annihilation is NATO support for “LGBT values.”

Such an absolutely astounding statement could on its surface be considered the inconsequential ravings of a complete lunatic but the unfortunate reality is that it addresses the core philosophical/religious motivation at the base of the current Life and Death struggle in which your nation is involved—the War between Christianity and its Satanist/Humanist Religion sworn to the death enemies.

Such War has unfortunately involved your nation for longer than a century with a distinctive inflection point being the Bolshevik revolution which destroyed the Romanov dynasty. The same foundations of this attack are, incredibly, the driving force behind the current American proxy War against your country.

For the historical facts are that the Bolshevik attack on your nation was funded by Jewish American bankers, most specifically Jacob Schiff of Kuhn Loeb and his cohorts, who sought to destroy the Monarchy/Romanovs specifically because they represented a Christian cultural foundation of your nation. The singular Jewish religious faction/sect which the attackers represented was (and still is) known as “Sabbatean Frankism” (S.F. Judaism) with their motto being “Creative Destruction” and their goal being the total annihilation of any cultural, social, or national expression of Christianity. Hence passing on to modern day individuals the Biblically documented collective Jewish spiritual animosity of the Sadducees and Pharisees who historically killed Jesus Christ has time traveled over 2,000 years to our day where, yet again and as always, It seeks to destroy all manifestations, inclusive now of entire nations such as yours, of its forever chosen and declared enemy.

Such cultural/spiritual War includes the incredible real “tip of the iceberg” reason/motivation for the War against you—your relatively recent adaption of laws/legislation to prevent the indoctrination/destruction of your children by the Satanic/Humanist anti-humanity, and banker controlled/promoted, War Machine of what is known as the “LGBT Movement.”

Such teaching is rightly recognized by President Putin and your governmental authorities as a deliberate, and deadly, attack upon the cultural foundations of your society and nation as its proponents know that the Social Engineering (Mass Formation Psychosis) of your children to accept, endorse, and promote the inherent Satanic religious base of the LGBT Movement/War Machine will result in the increasing (and eventually unstoppable) destruction of both generations of children and the nation itself as such soul poison is promoted and allowed to spread.

The Satanic overthrow of the Christian foundations of my own country can unfortunately be illustrated in countless examples inclusive of the recent and accelerating practice of placing the Sodomite Flag (also known as the “Rainbow” flag and consisting of horizonal stripes of 6 of the colors of the rainbow) in a position of prominence just below the American flag at our embassies throughout the world; i.e.; we are promoting the values of the LGBT Movement Satanic/Humanist War Machine around the world. And what are those values?

LGBT values, as the complete opposite of Christianity, are dedicated to the promotion of Satanism/Humanism inclusive of the destruction of the natural nuclear family of man, woman, and children; the demonization of masculinity, the promotion of feminism; i.e.; hatred of men; the promotion of abortion; i.e.; the demonization and destruction of children inclusive especially of the unborn, and the destruction of Western Civilization (Christian culture) itself. They are reflective of the Marquis De Sade, the “Standard Bearer” of the LGBT War Machine who, as a historical follower/worshiper of Satan/Lucifer, is their chosen leader in opposition to their Christian chosen forever enemy of Jesus Christ.

Hence the seriousness of the situation is fully illustrated by the total corruption of NATO which could have easily recognized your extremely legitimate security concerns and stated—”You are correct. We have no right to threaten your country by placing offensive weapons in Ukraine. We therefore will no longer advance NATO to your very border(s), either directly or via surrogates/proxies. We instead seek peace with your nation and will ensure that any government of Ukraine will be neutral and under no circumstance will join either the European Union or NATO.”

Of course such a simple and logical statement never happened and, unfortunately, never will.

For the fact is that the Constitutional Republic of the united States of America; now represented by our sock-puppet Emperor/fake President Biden; has been overthrown and replaced by an anti-Christian/Satanic Junta/Theocracy; i.e.; you are in a religious War with an implacable foe which is dedicated to both your surrender and enslavement and that of humanity as a whole.

Such War has already, at this very early stage, included extensive NATO/U.S. construction of biological weapons laboratories, the recruitment of proxy soldiers via private mercenary contractors, CIA coordination of attacks against your military forces, and the payment of more than $40 billion dollars by our Congress to both enrich our defense contractors/Military Industrial Complex and lay the basis for our planned War of Attrition against your nation. Even today lapdog/lackey Senator McConnell has demonstrated his groveling obedience/loyalty to his PM Masters/Controllers by traveling to Ukraine in promotion of their War Machine and its Satanic attack against you; i.e.; those, in service to Lucifer, who betray humanity are richly rewarded.

As with the Bolshevik attack upon your nation their modern day successors are more than willing to sacrifice/kill/destroy countless millions of both your countrymen and anyone else who gets in their way to achieve your both physical and, especially, living death/slavery. Our Deep State rulers (inclusive of their “NeoCon” lackeys such as Victoria Nuland and other proponents of S.F. Judaism), who I call our “Plantation Masters (PM’s),” will fight to the death of the last Ukranian.

It is these war mongering/promoting “NeoCons;” communists who hide behind claimed American conservative values to conceal their true Satanic motives and goals, who now control American foreign policy via the Coup/theft of our 2020 Presidential election. The same ultra corrupt press/media which promoted and aided the Coup has now, following the instructions/orders of their PM Controllers, turned against your nation in their War Against Humanity while totally ignoring the Mt. Everest of Ukranian criminal government corruption inclusive of the actions of the Biden Crime Family/Syndicate as illustrated by the “Laptop from Hell” of Hunter Biden.

Hence Sir, please be assured that a growing core of truly patriotic Americans recognize that just as Ukraine (via the “Deep State”) has been stolen, ravaged, and now sacrificed by these Enemies of Humanity as a weapon/hammer against you so also has our own nation been stolen/hijacked by this same maniacal/psychotic Satanic cult which threatens to kill countless millions and even billions in its religious War to establish Hell on Earth; i.e.; the victory of Satan, its Master, over its forever enemy, Jesus Christ.

We recognize that since our nation has fallen under the rulership of Satan via his/Its representatives/soldiers that your nation is the last depository/national representative of Christianity as the predominant national religion. This is the crystalized reason that your nation is scheduled/targeted for slavery, extermination, and annihilation.

We hence dedicate/pledge ourselves to join with you, to the greatest of our abilities, in defense of Western Civilization; i.e.; the Culture of Life founded upon Christianity; against the Dark Shadow of the Satanic/Humanist Culture of Death which, through its military arm of NATO supported by the now Lucifer controlled government of the united States, seeks to enslave all of humanity in a Permanent Night of death and despair.

May The Creator/God fortify your hearts for the long battle ahead as the ultra-corrupt demons of our nation; inclusive of Nancy Pelosi, Secretary of State Blinken, Defense Secretary Austin, and countless other lackeys/lapdogs; have declared that their end goal, no matter how long it takes, is nothing less than your total surrender to Satan, their Lord and Master.

We hence join you in this War to defend humanity from the permanent slavery which these Enemies of God have planned for His creation.

May God bless and give strength to President Putin in his defense of your nation and humanity as a whole against the Satanic War Machine and its Culture/Religion of Death which now includes the formerly Christian nation of the united States.

Praying for the survival of both of our nations,

Don J. Grundmann, D.C.
Chairman, Constitution Party of California
California 2022 U.S. Senatorial candidate
National Straight Pride Coalition (developing)


  1. Richard Winger Richard Winger May 26, 2022

    Maybe Don should follow the example of John Thompson Parker, US Senate candidate from the Peace & Freedom Party, and travel to Ukraine (either part, independent or Russian-occupied) to observe first-hand.

  2. Austin Cassidy Austin Cassidy May 26, 2022

    Wow. What a nutjob.

  3. None of your business None of your business May 26, 2022

    Rambling, but essentially correct. We need to stand with Russia here.

  4. Frank Frank May 27, 2022

    Sounds like Richard Winger wants the US government to throw even more money at Ukraine. Not very libertarian is it?

  5. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly May 27, 2022

    Contra Winger and Cassidy, it’s nice to know that the Constitution Party, or at least its leader, like Libertarians, Greens and others, stands outside the bipartisan foreign policy establishment.

    Actually, the bipartisan foreign policy establishment is divided. Both Darth Vader himself, Kissinger, and the NYT editorial board, support a negotiated peace. NEVER thought I would be agreeing with Henry Kissinger.

  6. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly May 27, 2022

    Riffing on Saturn, let’s note that Zelenskyy as well as Putin has shut down opposition political parties.

    Ukrainian as well as Russian soldiers have committed war crimes.

  7. Sammy H Sammy H May 27, 2022

    SocraticGadfly says there are very fine people on both sides. Good to know. I’m sure he would have advocated for a negotiated peace with Hitler in 1943 too.

  8. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly May 27, 2022

    Sammy H, if you’re such a mind-reader, you should have known that I reject false equivalencies.

    I will add that, if you’re going WWII, Zelenskyy did a bang-up PR job by delivering a speech in Munich, but it didn’t fool me.

    Ohh, I forgot to put in my previous post that, like Putin, Zelenskyy has shut down media outlets as well as opposition political parties.

  9. Nathan Norman Nathan Norman May 27, 2022

    I agree with Grundmann and Socrates. Zelenskyy could have ended this war before it started but he wanted to go on a publicity tour and be admired. All he had to do was recognize Crimea as part of Russia and the Donbas as independent but he’d rather thousands of his people die and potentially start WWIII just so everyone could view him like he’s Winston Churchill. The major difference, of course, is that Churchill wasn’t on the side of the Nazis. Zelenskyy is. Zelenskyy is on the side of Neo-nazi Azov Battalion and he has ruled his country like a dictator. He has banned opposition political parties, criminalized political dissent, committed horrendous human rights violations and atrocities, and untold corruption. Ukraine is probably the most corrupt nation in Europe and the Hunter Biden scandal is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Congress and whoever is actually running things behind the curtain and controlling Biden (Obama?) should be ashamed. They wasted $40 billion of our money to prolong a war and prop up a belligerent who cannot (and perhaps should not) even win. They are sowing violence and death and inching us ever closer to a nuclear war with Russia.

  10. SocraticGadfly SocraticGadfly May 27, 2022

    Nathan, right on. Ukraine’s got its own set of oligarchs. The only reason we didn’t hear more about them was tussles back and forth over Hunter Biden, plus the fact that Ukraine is poorer than Russia as well as smaller and so there’s just only so much that can be stolen.

  11. None of your business None of your business May 27, 2022

    Nathan Norman – well said! Agreed fully.

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