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Larry Sharpe #aNewNY, Some Recent Videos, and a Meet & Greet Tonight


Compilation of Interviews:

Saranac Lake – NYS is Derailing Business:


How to Inspire Business Innovation #BreakTheStatusCuomo:

Larry Sharpe and Andrew Hollister are having a meet and greet tonight (5/19) in Warwick, NY

Larry Sharpe can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube and at www.larrysharpe.comRead more ...

Libertarian Party of Washington’s News Release on Seattle’s ‘Head Tax’

Read more ...

Walter Block endorses Joshua Smith for LNC Chair

Walter “Libertarians for Trump” Block endorses Joshua Smith for LNC chair. Scott Horton and Mike Maharrey also pledge to advise the party.

In celebration, Ryan Ramsey–who also endorsed Smith–goes on a rant about Sarwark and posted links from IPRX about the party not being “the white man’s party” anymore.

Read more ... May 2018 issue of LP News now online


May 2018 LP News

The May 2018 issue of LP News is now ready to view on our website.

Inside, you can read coverage of the Libertarian Party of South Dakota’s ballot access victory, elected Libertarian Sen. Laura Ebke’s successful occupational licensing reform in Nebraska, Brandon Kneeld’s election to the Davenport City Council in Florida, why the United States should stay out of Syria, why millennials are increasingly libertarian, an exciting international volunteer for the Historical Preservation Committee, national convention registration, our 2017 annual report, and more!… Read more ...

Interview with Utah’s 2nd Congressional District Candidate, Jeff Whipple

Jeffrey Whipple can be found on Facebook and Instagram and at www.whippleforcongress.orgRead more ...

Nebraska GOP targets former ally who switched to Libertarian, Laura Ebke

In this photo from March 13, 2018, Neb. state Sen. Laura Ebke of Crete follows debate on the budget, in Lincoln, Neb. Sen. Ebke left the Republican Party to become one of the nation's few Libertarian state legislators and is facing a political fight against two Republican challengers, including one backed by Gov. Pete Ricketts.

From the Times Union:

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A Nebraska lawmaker who left the Republican Party to become one of the nation’s few Libertarian state legislators is facing the political fight of her life against two Republicans challengers, including one backed by Gov. Pete Ricketts.

The showdown began after state Sen.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Nebraska Doubles Voter Registration Numbers

From NET Nebraska News:

The Nebraska Democratic Party is touting a “blue wave” of support and “astounding increase” in Democrats requesting vote-by-mail ballots. But voter registration numbers from the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office point to a much less positive trend.

There are 355,753 registered Democrats as of this week.… Read more ...

Oregon Libertarians on the road to resolving split

From the East Oregonian:

SALEM — A reconciliation is in the works between the long-splintered Libertarian Party of Oregon.

Since 2011, there have been two organizations calling themselves the Libertarian Party of Oregon. One is officially recognized by the Secretary of State’s Office. The other group is not.

Kyle Markley, the recognized party’s chairman, says that “tensions have eased considerably” since last summer and the leaders of both groups have met several times.… Read more ...

Larry Sharpe and Howie Hawkins at NYC Cannabis Parade, 2018

Larry Sharpe:


Howie Hawkins:

Larry Sharpe (Libertarian) can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube and at

Howie Hawkins (Green) can be found on Facebook and Twitter and at www.howiehawkins.orgRead more ...

Libertarian State Reps Dyer and Phinney Speak at LPNH 2018 Convention

From Free Keene:

Last year, state representatives Caleb Dyer, Joseph Stallcop, and Brandon Phinney made history by flipping from Republicans and Democrat to the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire.

The three of them outnumber the total number of Libertarian Party state reps in all the other 49 states combined.… Read more ...

Marco Battaglia: Libertarian Wants to Give More of a Voice to Independents

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Marco Battaglia in Iowa Public Radio's studio. 5/3/2018 Photo by John Pemble

From Iowa Public Radio:


Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds does not face a primary election challenger and there are six Democrats running for their party’s nomination. There is also a primary race for Libertarians this June. The Libertarian Party of Iowa has full political party status for the first time this election cycle.… Read more ... Montana Libertarians Given Seat on County Election Advisory Committee

Missoula Independent


The Missoula County Commission (Mont.) has decided to reserve a seat for a Libertarian Party representative on its election advisory committee.

According to the committee’s website, its members represent the citizens of Missoula County to the county commissioners in an advisory capacity, for the purpose of “comprehensive planning, research, and outreach,” and are supervised by the county elections administrator.… Read more ...