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Caryn Ann Harlos is a paralegal residing in Castle Rock, Colorado and presently serving as the Communications Director for the Libertarian Party of Colorado, Colorado State Coordinator for the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus, as well as Region 1 Representative on the Libertarian National Committee. Articles posted should NOT be considered the opinions of the LPCO, LPRC, or LNC nor always those of Caryn Ann Harlos personally. Caryn Ann’s goal is to provide information on items of interest and (sometimes) controversy about the Libertarian Party and minor parties in general not to necessarily endorse the contents.

Libertarian Party: Previously Confidential Portion of Campaign Contract

Last September there was a bit of a brouhaha over the contract with the Johnson campaign after it was revealed that the original provisions called for it to be essentially eternally secret. This result in this IPR author (Caryn Ann Harlos, Region 1 Representative) to move to rescind the authority of Chair Sarwark to enter in to this contact.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Radical Caucus Endorses and Funds Candidates for Second Year in a Row

In 2016, just barely over six months since its formal organization the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus (LPRC) disbursed $2208.71 to radical candidates and endorsed many more. Continuing in this commitment, the LPRC has distributed $1,500 to radical candidates in partisan races for the 2017 elections, split amongst three candidates, for a donation of $500.00 each.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party Radical Caucus Solicits 2017 and 2018 Candidates for Endorsement and Potential Monetary Support

From the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus:

2017 Election Cycle candidates Libertarian Party Radical Caucus Application for Endorsement

Would you like to be endorsed for a 2017 election by the Libertarian Party Radical Caucus? Submit this form by Midnight CST on September 18, 2017.

Though the link says 2017, both 2017 and 2018 candidates can use though evaluations for 2018 candidates will take place later.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: LNC Executive Committee Meeting on Husted v APRI (Ohio Voter Purge)- UPDATED WITH SUMMARY

There will be an Executive Committee teleconference on Tuesday, August 8.

PLEASE NOTE: THE PHONE NUMBER BELOW HAS CHANGED. The provider changed equipment and changed our phone number. Update the address book entries on your phone.

The meeting is being called to discuss whether to sign on as an amicus in Husted v.… Read more ...

Unity Party Triples Candidate Count and Opens Next Year’s Primary


Joe Gibbs
Communications Director

Odessa, Texas – The Unity Party of Colorado ( on Saturday held its first official meeting since achieving full recognition by the State of Colorado, and tripled its candidate count while writing into its new state party constitution that Unity Party primaries will always be open to Unaffiliated voters, an option allowed by new state law.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: LNC Motion to Donate to the Congressional Campaign of Joe Buchman (Utah)

This vote was just held by the Libertarian National Committee:

Motion: for the LNC to contribute $5,000 to support the Congressional campaign of Joe Buchman (Utah)

Co-Sponsors: Harlos, Bilyeu, Demarest, Starchild

And the results:

Voting “aye”: Adams, Demarest, Hagan, Harlos, Hayes, Hewitt, Sarwark, Starchild, Vohra

Voting “nay”: Bittner, Goldstein, Katz, Lark, Marsh, Mattson, McKnight, Redpath

With a final vote tally of 9-8, the motion PASSES.Read more ...

Michael H. Wilson: Women Need Choice in Childbirth

I think most people here would agree that if you are selling something, whether it is a house, car or computer, you need to explain in some detail the benefits of your product, or solution.

With that in mind here is one of the best pieces from a Libertarian on health care that I have seen in some time.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: LNC Seeks Applicants for Credentials Committee

The Libertarian National Committee (LNC) is seeking applicants to serve on the Credentials Committee for the June 30–July 3, 2018, national convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. The LNC expects to make the appointments during its Aug. 19–20, 2017, meeting so as to give the committee plenty of time to do its work.… Read more ...

Arizona Libertarian Party Loses Ballot Access Case

This case was last discussed on IPR here.

A decision came out today and discussed here on Ballot Access News.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party: Preserving our History

As you may know from previous posts, the national party is working on preserving our party’s history.

This includes archiving and preserving printed materials, digital materials, and more.

Our Historical Preservation Committee needs just $10,000 to fund their work this year.

As of right now, we are about $1,400 short of that goal.… Read more ...

LP’s Joe Buchman first on the ballot in Utah’s Special Election

Libertarian Joe Buchman is the first party affiliated candidate on the November ballot for the Special Election for the US House, Third District in Utah. The opening was created following the resignation of Congressman Jason Chaffetz. While the two old parties have yet to hold their conventions, and will likely face primary challengers on August 15, Buchman’s campaign is up in full swing.… Read more ...

New Unity Party of Colorado Holding 1st Convention July 15th

Thornton, Colorado – The 4-digit-member Unity Party of Colorado (, the newest officially-recognized party in the State of Colorado (as of last week’s D-Day) and the largest affiliate of the 37-State Unity Party of America, will be holding its first convention as an official Minor Party Saturday, July 15th 11am at Chuy’s in Westminster at US Highway 36 and West 104th Avenue.… Read more ...