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Hawkins: Make Spectrum a Public Broadband Utility

Syracuse, NY – With state regulators demanding that Charter sell Spectrum, Howie Hawkins, the Green Party of New York candidate for governor, said today that New York State itself should take over Spectrum for its own public broadband utility.

A study by Harvard University researchers published earlier this year found that community broadband networks charge substantially lower rates than their private-sector counterparts.… Read more ...

The Green Party announces new national party co-chairs

The National Committee of the Green Party of the United States has announced the election of four new co-chairs, Joy Davis, Margaret Flowers, Anita Rios, and Violet Rose Zitola, and the re-election of treasurer Hillary Kane. Davis, Flowers and Rios were elected July 21 to replace steering committee members whose terms had ended, Kane was re-elected July 21, and Zitola was elected July 1 to fill a vacancy after a resignation.… Read more ...

Commentary from the Peace Action Committee of the Green Party

Bipartisan Dysfunctionality Puts The World At Risk

All of humanity is being put at risk by the duopoly of Democrats and Republicans opposition to dialogue with Russia. The combination of Russophobia and the Democratic Party’s compulsion to criticize Trump’s every action, even when he accidentally does something sensible, is preventing the two largest nuclear powers, with the two most advanced militaries in the world, from working together to create a safer and more secure world.… Read more ...

PA Greens File for Six Candidates in the 2018 General Election

The Green Party of Pennsylvania is proud to announce our candidates for office in 2018.

On July 31, 2018 Green Party of Pennsylvania representatives went to Harrisburg, PA and filed for six candidates to be on the ballot in the General Election on November 6, 2018.

Green Party of Pennsylvania Candidates for public office:

Governor, Paul Glover
Lieutenant Governor, Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick
US Senate, Neal Gale
State Senate District 20, Jay Sweeney
State Representative District 10, Darcelle Slappy
State Representative District 23, Jay Ting Walker

Candidate Jocolyn Bowser-Bostick said in a statement “I’m happy that I and other PA Green Party candidates will have the opportunity to earn the votes of our neighbors because even though it was hard work getting signatures for our nomination papers, we came across many people who were eager to sign because they recognized that the problems of this Commonwealth won’t be solved if voters restrict themselves to the limited solutions and candidates presented by the Democrats & Republicans.”

“Due to the hard work of over 100 volunteers, voters will have the opportunity to consider Green candidates who share a people-focused agenda over the corporate-funded alternatives.… Read more ...

Dr. Margaret Flowers: Single Payer will lower the total cost of health care

Of Course, Medicare For All would increase Federal Spending … But it would lower the total cost of health care

A recent report by the Koch Brothers-funded Mercatus Center at George Mason University found that moving to a National Improved Medicare for All single payer healthcare system would increase federal spending.

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Pinellas Greens Statement On Clearwater Racist Murder: “Gualtieri, Get The Hell Out Of Pinellas!”

Ho hum. Another racist murder. Another Trayvon Martin. This time in Clearwater, Florida. Raving racist Michael Drejka deliberately provoked a fight with a Black woman over a convenience store parking spot, got shoved by Markeis McGlockton, her boyfriend, and then took careful aim and drilled the Black man in cold blood.… Read more ...

Keith Ellison hand-picks successor by last minute resignation

Les Lester, the Green Party endorsed candidate for Congress from Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District will be holding a press conference Monday morning at 11:00 am at the Secretary of State’s Office – Elections and Administration, 180 State Office Building, 100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Drive, St. Paul, MN 55155.… Read more ...

Latinx Caucus of the Green Party Statement on Immigrant Rights and Family Separations

The Latinx Caucus of the Green Party joins the chorus of condemnations of the egregious human rights violations that continue to be perpetrated at the US Mexico border and which have spread throughout America. Through his administration’s hateful policies towards people of color President Donald Trump has shown himself unfit to govern.… Read more ...

Final schedule of events for media at the Green Party’s 2018 Annual National Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, July 19-22

The Green Party of the United States has posted its final schedule of events open to media during the party’s 2018 Annual National Meeting at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City from July 19 to 22. The schedule is appended below. Former presidential candidates Jill Stein and David Cobb will be attending along with Green Party candidates running in 2018.… Read more ...

Montana Court Decision kicks Greens off the ballot

Yesterday a Montana Court ruled in favor of a lawsuit brought by the Montana Democratic Party, thereby kicking the Green Party off the ballot. Among the arguments made by the Democrats was that they would have to work harder and spend more money if the Greens remained on the ballot. Below are responses by members of the Montana Green Party.Read more ...

Madelyn Hoffman and Diane Moxley Campaign Launch Fundraiser

Please join us on Saturday July 7 at 3:00 pm at Crossroads Bar And Grill, 78 North Avenue in Garwood New Jersey for an evening of Green Party speakers and the official launch of our Green Party candidates, Madelyn Hoffman for U.S. Senate and Diane Moxley for Congress.

Madelyn Hoffman has been one of the state’s leading voices for peace.

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July 4: Green Party Says it is Time to Declare Independence from Fossil Fuels

As New York suffers through a prolonged heat wave this July 4, the Green Party candidates for Governor and State Comptroller reminded New Yorkers of the need to declare independence from fossil fuel companies.

The Greens said that New York should become the second state after Rhode Island to file suit against the oil and gas companies for the damage they are causing by driving global warming.… Read more ...