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Brent DeRidder: We Will!

Posted by Brent DeRidder on facebook:

Are you advocating Liberty everyday?

What am I saying? Of course you are. You love to debate, to share your opinion, to shake your fist violently at statism wherever you see it. You are passionate, diligent, and driven.

Are you making a difference?

Absolutely.… Read more ...

Karl Dickey: ‘Where Have You Been For the Last Eight Years?’

[NOTE: Karl Dickey is a long-time Florida Libertarian Party activist and recently posted the below article.  IPR readers may be interested in this discussion because the topic seems to come up a lot here and elsewhere.]

By Karl Dickey

Where were all these protesters when Barack Obama was bombing innocent people in countries from which these immigrants are running?… Read more ...

Rick Caldwell: ‘What About Me, Sadowski?’

[NOTE: Steven Thomas Sadowski a registered Libertarian in Massachusetts, recently called for a purge of all anarchists from the Libertarian Party.  Rick Caldwell, an active LP member in Virginia, wrote a response.  IPR readers may be interested in this discussion because the topic seems to come up a lot here and elsewhere.] 



So what about me, Mr.… Read more ...

D. Frank Robinson: Can Libertarianism Be Co-Opted?

Some Libertarians have hoped that the LP could achieve its stated goals by having its platform co-opted and enacted by either or both of the entrenched status quo parties.

However, forty years of political history counter this hope.


As a matter of historical fact alternative party issues have been co-opted rhetorically into the entrenched parties platforms and talking points. … Read more ...

OR: LPO Convention Elects New Chair, Replacing Reeves

From a release by the LPOregon (not the group recognized by the Secretary of State or LPHQ):

Despite all of the internal issues with which the LPO has had to contend in recent years, members gathered at Pendleton’s Red Lion hotel on March 21st for the LPO’s 2015 Annual Business Convention.… Read more ...

MI: Libertarians Issue Statement In Opposition To Proposal 1


Lansing MI – The Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Miichigan has issued the following statement in opposition to the state’s ballot question, the Michigan “Sales Tax Increase for Transportation” Amendment, aka Proposal 1 (May 2015):

Will Hammer: Put the Hammer Down on Your Virginia Ballot


From a media release by Virginia LP candidate Will Hammer:

It is with great pleasure that I formally announce my candidacy for Virginia’s House of Delegates 20th District. Though I did not get elected last year, I gained a lot of experience and look forward to running again. I am very proud of my campaign last year and look to bring that momentum to this race.… Read more ...

Paul Frankel: Is OAI diverting resources from the LP?


Editorial submitted by Paul Frankel:

Recently, Libertarian Party state chairs have been discussing on their list why the dues paying membership of the national LP is declining. This decline is happening at the same time that the LP nationwide is growing its voter registration faster than any other national party, had its best presidential ballot access retention following a midterm election in the party’s 43 year history and the best of any alternative party in a century, is on the winning side of most public policy issues as seen by the results of ballot initiative votes all over the country, was the only nationally-organized party to get more votes in 2014 than 2010, got the party’s best numerical results (out of 11 attempts) and a close second in percentage terms for its presidential ticket in the most recent presidential election… a time when record numbers of Americans are telling opinion pollsters that a new major party is needed and that government is way too big.… Read more ...

Packing the Convention?

By George Phillies

Our financial investigations have indicated how the Libertarian Party of Ohio was able to expand its membership so dramatically last year.

At the end of September 2013, Ohio had 665 active national party members, according to the monthly report from the LNC staff to the National Committee.  At the end of October 2013, Ohio had 729 active national party members, and by the end of December Ohio had 1071 active national party members, these counts all being Bylaws Sustaining Members as defined in the party by-laws. … Read more ...

OPINION: My Wish for 2013: Stop the Killing of Children

From an article by Jill Pyeatt:

I’ll always remember the morning I heard the terrible news of children being killed in Sandy Hook, Connecticut.  Twenty children!  How could this happen?  They were at school–a place that should be safe and happy for small kids.  And it happened so close to Christmas!  

Read more ...

Monstrous Ruling in CA Case Challenging Top Two

An editorial by the staff of

Apparently, SLAPP activities are alive and well.

In 2010, California voters approved Proposition 14, an initiative to put in place California’s new top-two primary system. The measure was backed by business interests and rich benefactors, such as Charles T. Munger Jr.

In July 2010, six plaintiffsMona Field, Richard Winger, Stephen A.… Read more ...

LPNY: 25,000 New Yorkers Demand Libertarians on the Ballot

From a media release sent to IPR:

Media Contact: Janet Hopf

Albany, NY—The Libertarian Party of New York submitted over 25,000 signatures Tuesday to give New Yorkers an alternative to the failed policies of the major parties.

State Chair Mark Axinn commented, “Once again, the Libertarian Party has amassed enough signatures so that voters can choose true freedom-loving candidates this November.Read more ...