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Gene Berkman: ‘Blood & Soil BSers Look Back to Miserable Era’

Long time California Libertarian Party activist and IPR writer Gene Berkman writes at California Libertarian Report:

Q:”Why do Nazis rally around statues of Confederate heros?”
A:”There are no statues of Hitler in Germany for Nazis to rally around.”

Now that civic and business leaders in the south are beginning to deal with the statues of confederate politicians and generals, some are defending the statues as more about nostalgia than about racism.… Read more ...

Joseph Buchman: ‘Why you should consider the Libertarian candidate for the 3rd District’

Joseph Buchman in the Deseret News:

On Aug. 16, Republicans in the 3rd District finally chose a candidate to fill the empty seat formerly held by Jason Chaffetz. Because this was a three-way race with no run-off, the fiscally responsible voters of the 3rd District were divided, and as a result, the GOP candidate for this fall will be the least fiscally responsible, least free market oriented of the three.… Read more ...

Lauren Daugherty: ‘Standing up for Marcus and millions like him’

Dear Libertarian,

Yesterday, our chair Nicholas Sarwark, our executive director Wes Benedict, and I were sitting at the airport in Kansas City, waiting to fly home after this weekend’s national committee meeting.

We were talking about politics, race, and how the Libertarian Party wants to help all people live better, freer, more prosperous lives.… Read more ...

Susan Hogarth: ‘Engage! A brief note from the LPNC Chair’

Email from Susan Hogarth:

Fellowship, freedom, ENGAGE!

The 2017 Libertarian Party of North Carolina state convention has concluded and I am writing to you as your newly elected Chair. I’m incredibly energized and excited about the prospects the next two years will bring.

It was an historic convention, with record attendance and fundraising – many thanks to convention committee Chair James Hines and all those who assisted him for making this such a success.… Read more ...

Nicholas Sarwark, Arvin Vohra call out Jeff Deist and the Mises Institute’s “blood and soil” politics

Via FB:

Nicholas Sarwark shared Arvin Vohra’s post.

Since so many are asking “What’s the big deal about Jeff Deist’s speech,” let me break it down.

The speech ends with, “In other words, blood and soil and God and nation still matter to people. Libertarians ignore this at the risk of irrelevance.”

Here’s what you need to know.… Read more ...

Liberty Against Fascism: ‘Restating the Obvious: An Open Letter from the Libertarian Movement’

This letter from came out before the Charlottesville attack.

Today (August 12th, 2017), the “Unite the Right” rally is scheduled to proceed in Charlottesville, VA. The “Right” being united there isn’t just any “Right,” but one that welcomes white supremacists and self-described fascists. Multiple speakers will say this themselves, and the chants at a chaotic pre-event march the night before included Neo-Nazi slogans.… Read more ...

Nicholas Sarwark: ‘Nationalism and racism is a sickness that flows from weakness and lack of anything other than the privilege of birth to be proud of’

via facebook:

Nicholas Sarwark was feeling sad.
August 12 at 8:05pm · Phoenix, AZ

I have dedicated my life to defending individual freedom. Freedom to make good choices or bad choices. Freedom to say kind things or hurtful things. Freedom to pursue happiness anyway you choose as long as you don’t hurt other people and don’t take their stuff.… Read more ...

LSLA 2017: ‘Physically Removed, So to Speak: Making the LP Inhospitable to the Alt-Right and Other Nazis’

Youtube video posted by George Phillies. Youtube description:

The Libertarian State Leadership Alliance 2017 National Conference presents its panel “Physically Removed, So to Speak: Making the LP Inhospitable to the Alt-Right and Other Nazis” with Josh Katz (moderator), Jody Weitzman, Mike Shipley, and Leslee Anne Petersen. … Read more ...

Conference call tomorrow with LP Social Media Process Review Committee

You are invited to a special conference call with the

LP Social Media
Process Review Committee

to make suggestions, give feedback,
and answer questions.

The Libertarian Party’s Social Media Process Review Committee
has been tasked with studying and recommending
the best practices for use of social media.

Saturday, August 12

Noon EST

Part of this process has involved interviewing
the people who are involved with the LP social media.… Read more ...

LNC debates declining national dues paying membership numbers

The July 2017 membership report has sparked some discussion on the LNC list.

Patrick McKnight writes:


I don’t understand why our declining membership isn’t our number one priority as an organization. These reports come out showing we have a real problem and no one seems to notice. Too often the LNC is too busy having pointless philosophical debates amongst ourselves while people are voting
with their feet and leaving the party.

Read more ...

Joe Wendt for US Senate: “New LP of Florida Chair undermines Libertarian principles in favor of white nationalists”

joe wendt

Joe Wendt

Contact: Raquel Okyay, Campaign Manager
(c) 813-445-1659 (e)
July 29, 2017

Tampa – Libertarian Party Candidate for U.S. Senate, Joe Wendt, condemns LPF Chair, Marcos Miralles, for pursuing a policy that promotes white nationalists within the Libertarian Party of Florida. “Mr. Miralles has appointed known white nationalists to leadership positions.”

When bombarded with complaints from the membership regarding the rise of white nationalism, Miralles has used his position to aggressively marginalize anyone who complains, said Wendt.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party supports immigrants

For immediate release
Aug. 3, 2017

Contact: Elizabeth Brierly: Media [at] LP [dot] org or (408) 930-4172

Libertarian Party supports immigrants

Yesterday, a senior Trump aide dismissed the Statue of Liberty’s poem that welcomes immigrants.

The poem famously says, “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”

It is a cherished line that embodies the timelessness of immigrants coming to America in search of freedom and prosperity, wanting simply to build a better life for themselves.… Read more ...