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News Story Says Cheri Honkala, Green Party Nominee for Pennsylvania Legislature, Might Win Even as a Write-In

Ballot Access News:

This Metro article about the special Pennsylvania legislature election says that even though Cheri Honkala, Green Party nominee, is a write-in candidate, she could still win. No Democrat is on the ballot either.

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William Saturn: ‘The New PC Culture’

William Saturn is a citizen journalist who frequently covers alternative parties and independent candidates and an IPR author/editor. Original article at Saturn’s Repository:

Madonna speaks at the Women’s March
Image: Associated Press

Donald Trump’s election as President was, in part, a reaction to PC culture; a culture which regards the utterance of certain speech as worse than the offense of violent crimes.… Read more ...

Tom Knapp: ‘I’m Shopping for Platform Shoes’

Thomas L. Knapp at Kn@ppster:

To whom it may concern:

The Libertarian National Committee will soon select five members of the 2018 Platform Committee as provided for in Article 11 of the Libertarian Party’s national bylaws.

There’s some internal debate on the LNC as to the content of the application for that selection process, but I expect that the process will begin soon, so I’m going to go ahead and announce my interest in filling one of those committee seats and ask for the support of interested LP members in getting one of them:

Hey, everyone!… Read more ...

Marc Montoni: Erdogan’s Reichstag Fire

Long time Virginia LP activist Marc Montoni (recently moved to Colorado) at

Islamists and the American political left have been attempting mightily to portray ISIS as a project of Israel.

It would be hilarious if normal people didn’t think it was a credible story.

It is true that American money and material support has found its way to the murderous 8th century bigots of ISIS.  But ISIS would not exist without Turkey.  It is a proxy militia that was created, armed, and supported by Turkish intelligence.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party of Tennessee elects new officers

(from left to right) Cole Eble (Vice-Chair), Tom Arnold (Chair),

David Jones (Secretary), and David Sexton (Treasurer)

Among other business, the Libertarian Party of Tennessee elected a new slate of officers. Tom Arnold was elected chairman. Cole Eble was elected vice chairman. David Jones was elected secretary. David Sexton was elected treasurer.

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Jerome Tuccille, the Libertarian Party’s second gubernatorial candidate, passes away at 79

From the New York Times on February 24:

“Jerome Tuccille, who wrote one of the first manifestoes of the American libertarian movement and the first biography of Donald J. Trump, died on Feb. 16 at his home in Severna Park, Md. He was 79.”

“In 1974, two years after the founding of the Free Libertarian Party, Mr.… Read more ...

Caryn Ann Harlos: ‘Find what you love, and let it kill you’

Caryn Ann Harlos, libertarian, libertarian national committee, libertarian party, interview, libertopia

Libertopia cartoons recently had the privilege to talk with the creative and talented Caryn Ann Harlos, the Region 1 Representative of the Libertarian National Committee (amongst many other things, which can be read about in more detail below). As well as a unique and influential voice within the libertarian community as a whole, Caryn has also been known to visit our growing community here at Libertopia on more than one occasion.… Read more ...

Thanks to IPR readers for 300,000 comments

Thank you to IPR readers for 300,000 approved comments on over 17,000 posts since May 20, 2008. Comment #300k is here. Although the pace has slowed down somewhat recently, we are hoping to make IPR great again. If you are lurking please don’t hesitate to jump in, and if you are interested in joining our all-volunteer writing/posting team please let us know.… Read more ...

February 2017 Open Thread


Our monthly open thread. Post news tips about alt parties and independent candidates, discuss any story that should be posted here but has not yet been posted, or even delve into completely off-topic stuff…just avoid quarantined thread subject matter and things that could get us and/or you into legal trouble such as threats, libel, and copyright infringement.… Read more ...

Green Party condemns the “Trump Wall of Shame” and other racist executive orders targeting immigrants


WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Green Party of the United States strongly condemned President Trump’s executive orders, announced on Wednesday, imposing severe immigration restrictions, expanding the criminalization and deportation of undocumented immigrants, and authorizing construction of a massive border wall between the U.S. and Mexico.

Greens urged all Americans to reject the “Trump Wall of Shame” and to stand up for the basic rights of documented and undocumented immigrants, racial justice, protected legal status and amnesty for the undocumented, and hospitality for refugees.… Read more ...

Twenty-four Presidential Candidates Received At Least 1,000 Votes in November 2016

Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

Twenty-four individuals who were actually running for president in November 2016 received at least 1,000 recorded votes. This does not include individuals who were not running for president in November, such as Bernie Sanders, but who nevertheless received hundreds of thousands of write-in votes, most of which were not counted or reported.… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry: Border Adjustment Tax is a tax on you

Darryl W. Perry at FPP.CC:

During the 2016 Presidential election cycle, Donald Trump repeatedly said that he was going to build a wall on the US border with Mexico and that Mexico is going to pay for it. Trump and company are now saying that American taxpayers will front the cost, but “Mexico in some form and there are many different forms… will reimburse us for the cost of the wall.… Read more ...