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Nicholas Sarwark: ‘The New War on Drugs’

Nicholas Sarwark at

Dear Libertarian,

In a recent address to law enforcement officers, the President announced his commitment to the War on Drugs and said his administration would be “ruthless” in this war.

He blames illegal drugs for 75-80 percent of the crime in our country.

You and I know how arbitrary and manipulative that statistic is.… Read more ... Conference Call on Dying with Dignity with Mary Ruwart 9/5/17

You are invited
to a special conference call on

Dying with Dignity


Dr. Mary Ruwart

Tuesday, September 5

6 PM Pacific
7 PM Mountain
8 PM Central
9 PM Eastern

Dr. Mary J. Ruwart has been a libertarian activist and candidate since the 1980s. She is best known for her international best-selling libertarian primer, Healing Our World, which reaches out to liberals, Judeo-Christians, environmentalists, and pragmatists.… Read more ...

Frank Castro: ‘For Abolition: Prisons and Police Are More Than Brutality, They’re State Terror’

Frank Castro of the Hampton Institute at The Socialist (official publication of the Socialist Party USA):

In his speech “Terrorism: Theirs and Ours,” now deceased Professor Eqbal Ahmad elucidated five types of terrorism: state, religious, mafia, pathological, and political terror of the private group. Of these types, the focus in mainstream political discourse and media has almost always centered itself on discussion of just one: “political terror of the private group” – organizations like al-Qaida, the Taliban, and ISIS.… Read more ...

IVN via ‘Third-party candidates fight against ‘mafia state’ duopoly’

Bob Johnston at

New Jersey Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party and other third parties in New Jersey, dubbed the “mafia state” by the Green Party, are fighting back against electoral procedures that stack the deck in favor of Republicans and Democrats. The Independent Voter Network reports:

New Jersey’s 2017 gubernatorial race is a battleground for independent and third party candidates who feel the election system is rigged against them, and toward Republicans and Democrats.

Read more ...

Rasmussen: More than half of voters have voted independent

Via Bob Johnston at

Independent Voter

More than half of voters in the United States have voted for an independent candidate, according to data published by Rasmussen Reports. The Independent Voter Network elaborates:

Fifty-three percent of US voters said in a recent survey that they have voted for an independent candidate, according to a Rasmussen report published Monday.

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William Saturn: ‘On Charlottesville’


A statue honoring Confederate soldiers in Charlottesville, Virginia

William Saturn is a citizen journalist who frequently covers alternative parties and independent candidates and an IPR author/editor. Original article at Saturn’s Repository:

After the events in Charlottesville this past month, I had to clear my thoughts. Discourse had, once again, reached a level of absurdity.… Read more ...

Daniel Hayes: #ReRegister Project

Daniel Hayes to LNC and State Chairs:

Tomorrow starts the #ReRegister Month project for 2017. The purpose of the project is to get more people registered as Libertarians in states with Partisan voter registration. It is intended to make use of social media to help to highlight and enhance the switch people are making to the Libertarian Party.… Read more ...

Green Party: ‘Hurricane Harvey is the latest alarm bell on climate change’


WASHINGTON, D.C.Green Party leaders are calling Hurricane Harvey the latest alarm bell on global warming and said that President Trump and Congress must make solving the climate crisis the nation’s top priority.

Greens expressed sympathy and solidarity with people in Houston and other parts of Texas and Louisiana who are suffering the effects of the hurricane and have lost homes, belongings, and loved ones.… Read more ...

David Colborne: ‘Charlottesville and Liberty’

David Colborne at (published Aug. 21):

Roughly a week ago, several white supremacists and members of the Alt-Right organized and attended the “Unite the Right” protest in Charlottesville. Three people were killed and several were injured by these protesters, who felt that a participation trophy erected by the grand-descendants of the losers of a war to defend the institution of slavery was worth assaulting and murdering for.… Read more ...

Green Party: Did Philly Democrats Commit Voter Fraud in the 197th District?

U.S. Representative Bob Brady, who has been the head of Philadelphia’s Democratic Party for three decades, has been besieged this summer with allegations that he bribed a political opponent in 2012 to drop a would-be primary challenge against him.

But a swirl of corruption accusations around Brady is nothing new.… Read more ...

The Jack News: Maine’s Republican Governor Says that Susan Collins Should Run as an Independent

The Jack News:

Paul LePage, the combative Republican governor of Maine, cast shade on the rumored gubernatorial aspirations of the state’s centrist Republican Senator Susan Collins.

In remarks given in an interview with Maine’s WGAN, the controversial firebrand had this to say about one of his possible successors:

I will say this right away.

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Party for Socialism and Liberation: ‘Houston, Hurricane Harvey and capitalism’s ‘unnatural disaster’’

Party for Socialism and Liberation:

The Party for Socialism and Liberation expresses our condolences and solidarity to those who have suffered the loss of loved ones, been injured, or lost their homes and other vital possessions due to the ravages of Hurricane Harvey.

Twelve years to the day after Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans and much of the Gulf coast, millions in southeast Texas are suffering the devastating impact of another huge storm.… Read more ...