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New Red, White, and Dad episode about Darrell Castle: “Scandal and Conspiracy”

From the Red, White, and Dad YouTube channel, July 6th, 2016 (description taken from the video is below, video length: 8 minutes):

I help my dad – Constitution Party nominee Darrell Castle – get more press coverage for his presidential campaign… whatever it takes…

Red, White, and Dad is a web show by Joanna Castle Miller chronicling the 100% true story of her dad running for president of the United States on the Constitution Party ticket.

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Green Party and Libertarian Party make Illinois ballot for president; challenge filed against Constitution Party petitions


Green Jill Stein and Libertarian Gary Johnson

From Jill Stein’s campaign website, July 5th, 2016:

As of 5:00 pm CDT today it’s official. You WILL be able to vote for the Greater Good in Illinois.

On the ballot in Illinois for the November 8 election:

Jill Stein, Green Party U.S.

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Constitution Party: Honoring the Declaration of Independence


The above image was posted to Constitution Party presidential candidate Darrell Castle’s Facebook page today

The following Independence Day message was published on the Constitution Party’s website on July 4th, 2016:

Honoring the Declaration of Independence

4 July 2016

240 years ago, 56 men laid their lives, fortunes and sacred honor on the line for Liberty, after having exhausted all their political options.  … Read more ...

Constitution Party Candidate, Darrell Castle, Says He’s More Libertarian Than Gary Johnson


By Matthew Carr,, July 2nd, 2016:

Darrell Castle is The Constitution Party’s candidate for president this year, and I was fortunate enough to come in contact with his campaign. They were very kind, and when I asked Mr. Castle for an interview he was more than willing to do so.

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Chuck Baldwin: How to Spot a False Flag Event

chuck baldwin

By Chuck Baldwin
June 23, 2016

A missionary friend of mine in Eastern Europe recently gave me a heads up regarding an excellent article written by Sebastian Swift entitled “5 Confirmed False Flag Operations And How To Spot Them In The Future.”

Swift writes, “The false flag phenomenon is distinctively modern and used as an ideological weapon to control populations with the fear of a manufactured enemy.… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Georgia Nominates Darrell Castle, Dr. Paul Broun for Presidential Ticket

Below is a press release from the Constitution Party of Georgia:

ATLANTA, GA – The Constitution Party of Georgia (CP-GA) held its state convention on June 10th in McDonough. As expected, members selected Darrell Castle, the keynote speaker and Constitutional attorney from Tennessee, as its Presidential nominee.

In a surprise move the members also unanimously nominated Dr.… Read more ...

Constitution Party presidential candidate Darrell Castle responds to Orlando mass shooting

From Constitution Party presidential candidate Darrell Castle’s campaign website, June 13th, 2016: 

Darrell Castle addresses the June 12, 2016 terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida.

Hello, I am Darrell Castle, and I have a statement to make about the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando Florida – the second such attack in recent months and the worst since 9-11.… Read more ... How This Die-Hard Liberal Is Dealing With Her Ultra-Conservative Dad Running for President

Joanna Castle Miller and Darrell Castle

By Ben Geier,, June 9th, 2016 (via American Third Party Report):

She’s developed a YouTube series, naturally.

When Americans show up at the polls in November, they won’t just be picking a new president — they’ll also be selecting a new First Family.

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Georgia Right to Life PAC Endorses Darrell Castle for President

Contact: Gen Wilson, Georgia Right to Life PAC, 770-339-6880

NORCROSS, Ga., June 9, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) PAC today announced its endorsement of Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle for President.

“America is in political and moral freefall,” said GRTL PAC Director Gen Wilson.… Read more ...

Constitution Party of Idaho: ‘Puzzled?’

Puzzled?Posted on the Constitution Party of Idaho’s website on June 6th, 2016 (via Cody Quirk at ATPR)

Well, on the national news front, our friends report violent crimes are beginning to spike in America. Homicides, rapes, robberies are on the rise in major U.S. cities. Most notably Chicago and Los Angles.… Read more ...

Idaho Constitution Party: Our explanation of National Convention Brouhaha


Copeland choice

Posted June 1st, 2016 on the Constitution Party of Idaho’s website (via Cody Quirk at American Third Party Report)

[CPID Editor’s note:  We have had a number of requests for more information regarding the recent National Convention at Salt Lake. The following response to an email inquiry is perhaps as good an explanation of Idaho’s stance as any.Read more ...