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Chicago Tribune Endorses Gary Johnson for President

The Chicago Tribune has taken the measure of a “dismayed, disconsolate America” and asks:

How has our country fallen so inescapably into political and policy gridlock? How did pandering to aggrieved niche groups and seducing blocs of angry voters replace working toward solutions as the coin of our governing class?

The Tribune then points out The Republicans have nominated Donald Trump, a man not fit to be president of the United States.Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry Announces Limited Presidential Write-In Campaign

Darryl W. Perry

Darryl W. Perry

Campaign Press Release:

Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate, Darryl W. Perry, announced today his intention to launch a limited write-in campaign for the 2016 US Presidential Race.

When radio personality, libertarian activist, and CEO of Liberty Lobby LLC, Darryl W. Perry, embarked on his Presidential Campaign, he did so with three goals in mind: 1) to run the most libertarian presidential campaign in history; 2) to proclaim the ideas of liberty as boldly and as often as possible; and 3) to give as many people as possible the opportunity to vote for an actual libertarian in November.… Read more ...

Marc Montoni: Should there be a government “No Fly” list?

mm-onrockIn a recent interview with Reason Magazine, Gary Johnson voiced his support for the continued existence of the federal “no fly” list.

This is problematic for many reasons.

Perhaps Mr Johnson does not realize that all it takes to get on the No Fly / Terrorist Watch List can be something as simple as angering a Flight Attendant?… Read more ...

Free Keene: Major Shakeup at Libertarian Party of NH: Darryl W Perry Elected Chairman!

darryl_perryIn 2012, Darryl W. Perry was frustrated with New Hampshire’s embarrassingly ineffective Libertarian Party and its unwillingness to promote the idea of New Hampshire declaring independence from the United States. He joined me and Conan Salada in founding a competitor to the Libertarian Party of NH, which we called the New Hampshire Liberty Party.… Read more ...

Online Libertarian National Committee Meeting 9/25/16

lpbanFrom the LNC Business List:

From the LNC List – instructions for LNC members to attend an electronic meeting September 25, 2016. The Agenda for the meeting is as follows:

5:00 – 5:05 Pacific: Credentialing and housekeeping
5:05 – 6:05: Amend Something Previously Adopted – Budget
6:05 – 6:25: Populating Committees
6:25 – 6:45: Transparency for Committees
6:45 – 7:00: Public comment and announcements

This is the first of at least three emails you will receive from me on this subject.… Read more ...

“Democracy Now!” has invited Gary Johnson and Jill Stein to a post-debate event on September 27


September 24, 2016
Posted to Democracy Now!

This tantalizing information is included in an article by Democracy Now:

Tuesday Morning September 27: Democracy Now!’s Expanded 2-Hour Post Debate Coverage starting at 8:00 am ET.

Tune in on Tuesday, September 27th for a special 2-hour broadcast of Democracy Now! from 8:00 am–10:00 am ET.… Read more ...

Showtime to air John McAfee documentary, Saturday September 24

Tonight, Saturday, September 24, Showtime cable network will air a documentary on the life of John McAfee, inventor of McAfee antivirus software, and unsuccessful candidate for the Libertarian nomination for President in 2016.

Fortune magazine reports the …documentary about McAfee’s time in Belize alleges that he committed not one but two murders, and raped a Harvard biologist who was running a lab with him in the Central American country.Read more ...

Science Johnson Late Responses Posted


A Press Release by Science reports:

“All four major candidates for United States president have now responded . . . Governor Gary Johnson provided late responses which the group has posted with those of Clinton, Trump, and Stein HERE. . . . Clinton, Trump and Stein responses were published Sept 13.… Read more ...

Libertarian AG Candidate Endorsed By Utah State Senator After Dem AG Candidate Drops Out


Utah Libertarian Attorney General Candidate Andrew McCullough has been endorsed by current Democratic Utah State Senator (and former Utah Democratic State Party Chair) Sen. James Dabakis.

The endorsement follows the withdrawal of Democratic Candidate Jon Harper who cited health concerns for his last-minute decision (it is now too late for the Democratic Party to substitute a candidate, other than as a write-in, on the November ballot).  … Read more ...

Caryn Ann Harlos’ Letter to the LNC: Motion to Rescind the Authority of the Chair to Negotiate a Contract with the Johnson-Weld Campaign

fb_img_1474520509105Letter submitted to the LNC by Region 1 Representative and IPR contributor Caryn Ann Harlos to the LNC, co-sponsored by at-large members Daniel Hayes & Starchild, as posted to Facebook by Kimberly Ruff:

“Submitted just now. Motion to Rescind – request for co-sponsors.

“Fellow LNC members, it is with great regret that I have to present this Motion and ask for support, but I feel this is our duty – our duty to our Bylaws, this Party, and its members.… Read more ...

Liberty Hangout: “CNN: Libertarian VP Bill Weld Considering Dropping Out & Endorsing Hillary Clinton?”


Liberty Hangout included the above image in their breaking news article.

Published by Liberty Hangout, September 18th, 2016:

To anyone who’s closely followed the 2016 election, it’s no surprise that Libertarian Party Vice Presidential nominee, Bill Weld, has a long lasting relationship with Hillary Rodham Clinton. In the first Libertarian Townhall on CNN, Weld described his bond with Clinton as being “life long.” He’s also maintained that he believes there was no criminal intent on Hillary’s part in her ongoing email scandal, and Libertarian Party presidential nominee, Gary Johnson, once called Hillary Clinton “a wonderful public servant.”

It’s now being reported by Carl Bernstein, who says “I know Bill Weld and I know how much he despises Donald Trump,” that he thinks the Libertarian Vice Presidential candidate is considering dropping out of the race and perhaps getting behind Hillary Clinton, in an effort to stop Trump.… Read more ...