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LPHQ to members: run for office

Email from LPHQ to its list:

Dear Libertarian,

Have you considered running for office?

New Jersey and Virginia have statewide elections this year and have been recruiting heavily for those.

Other states hold their statewide elections in 2018.

Regardless of where you live, there are likely many local races going on in your area in the next year or two years.… Read more ...

Aaron Starr interviewed on local television over water rate increases

Aaron Starr

Aaron Starr, who lost a close race for the Oxnard City Council last November but won a ballot measure to overturn the city’s wastewater rate hike, was interviewed on KEYT-TV, the local ABC affiliate. He explains his reasons for planning to recall elected city council members who recently voted for a rate hike.… Read more ...

LP Bylaws Committee Transparency Issues

Message posted in LNC Business Discuss – a group any LP member can join and view.

“LP Member in a private post:

Despite the fact that transparency is necessity for committees to:

1) Ensure committee member accountability;
2) Educate the membership on committee members and positions held;
3) Provide additional insight into reasoning behind proposals;
4) And, serve as a safeguard for committee members so that their words / positions are not represented without context or accuracy…

The LP Bylaws Committee has none.… Read more ...

Knapp: ‘Apropos of Libertarian Veterans Turning Into a Herd of Whiny Snowflakes …’


Over at Facebook, Michael Weems reposted something I wrote some time back. It does seem applicable to current events in the Libertarian Party. So what the hey, why not re-use it as a blog post?

Who Got Served?

Thomas L. Knapp, 1985
Marine Corp Recruit Depot San Diego

As a veteran of the US Marine Corps (1984-1995, “honorably discharged”), I’ve always found the obligatory “thank you for your service” remarks somewhat grating.… Read more ...

LPHQ job postings: Press Secretary, Candidate Support Specialist


The Libertarian Party is seeking a Press Secretary who shares our love of liberty and will help the Libertarian Party succeed as a vehicle for implementing libertarian policies.

Job Description:

The Press Secretary monitors breaking news and prepares responses from a Libertarian perspective. In addition to responding to what’s already happening, a highly successful Press Secretary will help the Libertarian Party and its candidates generate news worthy to Americans that gets picked up my major media outlets.… Read more ...

Austin Petersen and Dave Rubin: Libertarians, Taxation, Drugs, Guns, and Abortion (Full Interview)

Read more ...

Utah LP to hold Special Convention on Saturday June 10th

The resignation of (R) Third District Congressman Jason Chaffez, current Chair of the House Oversight Committee, has resulted in a Special Election being called for Tuesday November 7th, 2017 in Utah.  Candidates seeking the nomination of the various political parties have until Friday, May 26th to so declare. Political Parties have until Monday June 19th to submit nominees from their Special Convention process (candidates can also register with the state by May 26th to pursue a separate signature gathering process).… Read more ...

LPHQ Special Event Conference Call – Fundraising 101

You are invited to a special conference call on

Fundraising 101

LNC Region 3 Representative
Brett Bittner

Tuesday, May 23

5 PM Pacific
6 PM Mountain
7 PM Central
8 PM Eastern

Brett Bittner served as the Executive Director of the
Advocates for Self-Government and of the Libertarian Party of Georgia.… Read more ...

Larry Sharpe speaks at LPWA State Convention 4.22.2017 (HD Version)

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KN@PP Stir Podcast, Episode 128: ‘This Machine Kills Boredom’

In today’s podcast, Knapp tackles subjects which have recently also been discussed at IPR such as Arvin Vohra’s recent comments about the military, white nationalists/racists in the LP, and the ever popular topic of comment moderation (in this case, as it relates to antisemitic and racist commenters at… Read more ...

Libertarian drops out of Meridian, MS mayoral race; cites “security reasons”

According to articles at the Meridian Star and WTOK, Mariner Durant, who had been running as a Libertarian for Mayor of Meridian, MS, dropped out of the race due to “security reasons.” According to discussions on facebook, those security reasons were death threats that had been made against him. … Read more ...

Vohra responds to criticism again

Arvin Vohra has faced criticism and some calls for his resignation or removal as LNC Vice-Chair for a series of facebook posts he has made about the US military. He previously responded to this criticism but has now issued a new response, which follows, perhaps because his previous answer was criticized for being too long.Read more ...