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Libertarian drops out of Meridian, MS mayoral race; cites “security reasons”

According to articles at the Meridian Star and WTOK, Mariner Durant, who had been running as a Libertarian for Mayor of Meridian, MS, dropped out of the race due to “security reasons.” According to discussions on facebook, those security reasons were death threats that had been made against him. … Read more ...

Vohra responds to criticism again

Arvin Vohra has faced criticism and some calls for his resignation or removal as LNC Vice-Chair for a series of facebook posts he has made about the US military. He previously responded to this criticism but has now issued a new response, which follows, perhaps because his previous answer was criticized for being too long.Read more ...

Chuck Moulton: ‘LP conventions, avoid alt-right / white supremacist event speakers’

Group email from Chuck Moulton by way of Paulie at ATPR:

Libertarian leaders,

Some friends of mine I trust and vouch for have asked me to spread this information around. Please get it to state convention organizers.


We had a fiasco in Pennsylvania recently with a “liberty festival” loosely associated with the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania state convention (festival on a Saturday, business session that Sunday, same hotel).… Read more ...

Wes Benedict: ‘Want more press coverage for Libertarians?’

Email from LPHQ:

Last week, Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark was interviewed on two of Glenn Beck’s programs.

Here is a clip from the TV interview.

Do you want to see more interviews like this?

Do you want to see Libertarian Party spokesmen on major news outlets on a regular basis?… Read more ...

Darryl W. Perry: ‘Jeff Sessions takes two steps backward on sentencing reform’

Darryl W. Perry is chair of the LP of New Hampshire and sought the Libertarian Presidential nomination in 2016. Posted at

There aren’t many things a civil libertarian will say the Obama Administration did right, their minor reforms on federal mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines were certainly steps in the right direction.… Read more ...

Adam Kokesh: Debate with anti gunner leads to arrest at White House

Read more ...

Austin Petersen: Libertarians and the Military, featuring Larry Sharpe

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LPHQ: Conference Call on Outreach to the Center

Via LP national email list:

You are invited to a special conference call about Outreach to the Center

LNC Representative
Joshua Katz

Tuesday, May 16

5 PM Pacific
6 PM Mountain
7 PM Central
8 PM Eastern

Joshua has been elected to two offices: Chief of Emergency Medical Services in Hempstead, NY, and later as member of the Planning Commission in Westbrook, CT.… Read more ...

Trent Somes III announces exploratory candidacy for Vice Chair of LNC

LNC alternate Trent Somes III via facebook:

Greetings Fellow Libertarians,

Recent statements by the current Libertarian Party Vice Chairman have troubled me greatly. I came to the Party and fell in love with the diverse people, great responsibility, and most importantly, a strong message. But more importantly, I stayed in the Libertarian Party because I felt included.… Read more ...

Statement on our Military from Libertarian Party of TN Executive Board

Posted by LPTN Chair Tom Arnold to State Chairs List:

The Libertarian Party of Tennessee advocates for the ending of aggressive wars not fought for the purposes of national defense; which includes all of the wars the United States government is currently waging right now.

Being the Volunteer State, we support those individuals fighting these wars.… Read more ...

Arvin Vohra: ‘An Open Letter to Current and Former Members of the U.S. Military (Please forward to any who may be interested)’

Arvin Vohra to various lists including LNC and State Chairs:

An Open Letter to Current and Former Members of the U.S. Military:

During the last several days I’ve come to much more deeply understand the experiences that many veteran soldiers have had, including motivations for joining, reasons for leaving, and current involvement in dismantling the military industrial complex.… Read more ...

Christopher Thrasher: Response to allegations made by Judd Weiss

Response by Christopher Thrasher to allegations made by Judd Weiss in various fora, most recently here:

Keeping up with Judd’s slanders is a full time job… Here is my response from the first time he was given a platform to spew this nonsense:

To Whom It May Concern:

In a recent video, several unfounded accusations and slanders were thrown towards me regarding the 2016 Libertarian Presidential campaign.… Read more ...