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Libertarian Party of New Mexico Issues Resolution: Right to Self-Defense and to Firearms

OldLPNM_Logo_Yellow-200x200The Libertarian Party of New Mexico joins the Libertarian Party of Colorado in issuing a resolution on the rights to self-defense and firearms as follows:

Resolution: Right to Self-Defense and to Firearms
WHEREAS, Libertarians affirm that self-defense is an inherent and unalienable human right; and

WHEREAS, the Platforms of the National Libertarian Party (LNC) and the Libertarian Party of New Mexico oppose all laws at any level of government restricting, registering, or monitoring the ownership, manufacture, or transfer of firearms or ammunition; and

WHEREAS, the Platforms of the LNC and the Libertarian Party of New Mexico affirm the right of due process, and deny the legitimacy of “victimless crimes”; and

WHEREAS, the government has steadily encroached upon these rights by illegitimately regulating and restricting access for firearms and ammunition, and may further seek to deprive people, who have been convicted of no crime, of their inherent right to full self-defense by denying their civil and inherent rights to obtain firearms and ammunition; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Libertarian Party of New Mexico opposes any policy which would deny access to any firearms or ammunition to any person solely for being placed on any government watch or no-fly list, and reaffirms its call to repeal and oppose any existing or proposed firearm and ammunition regulations.… Read more ...

Augustus Invictus: My First Address as Chair to the Libertarian Party of Orange County


Augustus Invictus is a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for U.S. Senate in Florida and the chairman of one of the state’s county affiliates, the Libertarian Party of Orange County. He posted his first speech to the group on Facebook on August 18th, 2016:

This meeting will come to order.… Read more ...

Washington LP has statewide candidate and 10 legislative candidates advance to the general election


From, August 18th, 2016:

The Washington Libertarian Party had a candidate for statewide office and 10 legislative candidates advance from the top-two primary on August 2, who will be on the general election ballot in November.

Attorney General candidate Steve Trumbull has officially picked up almost 342,000 votes, for 27.4 percent of the vote.… Read more ...

John McAfee: Gary Johnson is ‘Libertarian in Name Only’; I’m not endorsing him

Jeff 4 Justice, a third party party oriented vlogger and creator of the No More 2 Party System channel, uploaded a new video on August 3rd featuring former Libertarian Party presidential candidate John McAfee (Transcript below):

Jeff 4 Justice: I’m Jeff 4 Justice and I’m here with John McAfee who just got finished running with the Libertarian Party, you ran for president, and Gary Johnson of course got the nomination.… Read more ...

Libertarian Party “clears hurdles for ballot access” in Ohio and New York


Update 8/18: From a forwarded email sent by an LP activist: ““The final hurdle is verification of 12,000 signatures petitioners have collected. Should 5,000 of those be deemed valid, Gary Johnson will be on the Ohio ballot in November as an independent candidate – independent because Ohio raised its ballot access standards in 2013, causing the Libertarian Party to lose state recognition.” The previous title of the article has been corrected – KL

Press release from the Libertarian Party:

For Immediate Release
August 17, 2016

Libertarian Party clears hurdles for ballot access in Ohio, New York

Alexandria – The Libertarian Party’s candidate for president, Gary Johnson, has cleared more hurdles to be on the ballot in Ohio and New York and is on track for ballot access in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.… Read more ...

Gary Johnson raises nearly $1.8 million in money bomb over two days


Gary Johnson campaign website, August 16th, 11:48 PM CST

From American Third Party Report:

Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party presidential nominee, often says that the only way he can win the election is if he is included in the presidential debates along with his major party rivals.

Yesterday, Johnson’s campaign decided to make a full throttle attempt to get Johnson into the presidential debates by launching a money bomb.… Read more ...

David Earl Williams III endorses Libertarian candidates; will deliver speech on Saturday


David Earl Williams III

David Earl Williams III is an independent write-in candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 9th district who is affiliated with the Libertarian Party of Illinois. He published the following press release earlier today:

Dear Fellow American, 

It’s been awhile since the last press release, so I wanted to check back in with all my supporters and constituents of Illinois 9th.… Read more ...

Johnson: CPD Odds – 50 Percent+; This Is One “Weird” Ticket

In an appearance on the Greg Gutfeld Show on FOX News yesterday, after answering a question about the odds of being invited to the CPD debates with an estimate of, “Better than fifty percent,” Gary Johnson responded to the question “What’s wrong with weird?” with:

“Weird is having Bill Weld as my running mate; a two-term Republican governor in the state of Massachusetts – four to one Democrat.… Read more ...

Accused of “Swiping;” Johnson/Weld Change Website Design

On 5 August 2016 SPARK, a “Brand Identity, Experience Design, Integrated Advertising, Social Media and Content Studios” company based in Tampa Florida accused the Johnson/Weld campaign of “seemingly swiping” their spec campaign.

The video is posted on their “HELLO GARY JOHNSON! website and states in part: “When you swiped our campaign, we were happy to see that you agreed with us.… Read more ...

Gary Johnson Asks: Are You Paying Attention? Are You In?

The latest Johnson/Weld video asks “Are you paying attention? . . . Are you in?”


V/O: Donald Trump launched a new attack . . . Hillary Clinton unleashing a blistering attack . . . Donald Trump is taking aim at both Clintons . . . If you thought the race for the White House couldn’t get any nastier .… Read more ...

Nevada Assistant State Controller Geoffrey Lawrence joins the Libertarian Party

From the Libertarian Party of Nevada’s website, by Zachary Foster,  August 11th, 2016 (H/T Cody Quirk):

Nevada Assistant State Controller Geoffrey Lawrence publicly announced he’s leaving the Republican Party to join the Libertarian Party.  Lawrence made the announcement during a speech delivered at the recent Gary Johnson/Bill Weld rally in Reno. … Read more ...

GD’s Political Animal: The Libertarian down ticket is the key to liberty

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 2.39.49 PMFrom Keith Komar, special to GDPA, originally posted here:

With all the excitement around the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has emerged as the third party alternative this cycle. What no one is talking about though, is the vast amount of candidates running down ticket for the party.… Read more ...