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Press release: Socialist Party Presidential Ticket Will Be on Michigan Ballot

Socialist Party of Michigan:


The Presidential Ticket Will Also Be Joined by Socialist Party State House Candidate Michael Anderson (70th district)

For Immediate Release
August 7, 2016
Official Presidential Campaign Website:

LANSING – The 2016 Socialist Party USA presidential campaign of Emidio “Mimi” Soltysik and vice presidential running mate Angela Nicole Walker will be included among the six presidential tickets appearing on Michigan’s ballot this November.… Read more ...

Interview with Emidio “Mimi” Soltysik, Socialist Party USA presidential nominee

mimi1by Peter B. Gemma

Emidio “Mimi” Soltysik, a graduate of Troy University, was co-chair of the Socialist Party USA from 2013-2015 and served as chair of the Socialist Party of California. In 2014, he ran for California’s 62nd State Assembly district and earned 2.5 percent of the vote. On October 17, 2015, he received the presidential nomination of the Socialist Party USA.Read more ...

Federico Garcia: Why I have not felt the Bern – Reflections on perspectives for the American left


Jill Stein addressing the “Bernie or Bust” crowd outside the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia (photo:

Federico Garcia is a blogger living in Italy who is interested in American third party politics. He published the following article at the American Third Party Report on August 10th:

The Democratic National Convention of Philadelphia is now in the history, but the most iconic event of the entire meeting has been the Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton against all the odds, even after the scandal of DNC leaked emails.… Read more ...

Socialist Action launches first presidential ticket


Jeff Mackler in New York City (Photo: Socialist Action)

From, June 23rd, 2016 (H/T Jeremy Siple):

Socialist Action is launching a national election campaign, with National Secretary Jeff Mackler as the party’s candidate for U.S. president, and Karen Schraufnagel as its candidate for vice president.

Jeff Mackler has spent a lifetime fighting for the working class and social justice.… Read more ...

Peace and Freedom Party 2012 Presidential Nominee Roseanne Barr Praises Donald Trump in Recent Interview

Barr & Trump

Comedienne Roseanne Barr, who unsuccessfully sought the Green Party’s 2012 presidential nomination before winning the Peace and Freedom Party nomination that year, took part in an interview this week with the Hollywood Reporter to promote her new documentary Roseanne For President!, a chronicle of her 2012 campaign.  During the interview, the leftist Barr offered high praise for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.… Read more ...

Liberty Union Party of Vermont Nominates Gloria La Riva for President

Gloria La Riva

Gloria La Riva

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

On May 8, the ballot-qualified Liberty Union Party nominated Gloria La Riva for President and Eugene Puryear for Vice-President. They are also the nominees of the Party for Socialism & Liberation this year. The ticket will now be on the Vermont ballot automatically, without the need for a petition.… Read more ...

New York Times Carries Major Obituary for Socialist Workers Party Vice Presidential Nominee of 1968

Kwame Somburu, left, with a student in New York in 1969.

Kwame Somburu, left, with a student in New York in 1969.

From Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

The New York Times has this lengthy obituary of Paul Boutelle, who was the Socialist Workers Party vice-presidential nominee in 1968. The obituary even has a picture, which is somewhat rare for Times obituaries.… Read more ...

Socialist Workers Party Builds June Active Workers Conference

SWP vice-presidential candidate Osborne Hart, right, at Verizon solidarity rally in Atlanta. Party is campaigning across country, fighting for ballot status, winning new Militant readers.

SWP vice-presidential candidate Osborne Hart, right, at Verizon solidarity rally in Atlanta. Party is campaigning across country, fighting for ballot status, winning new Militant readers.

From Maggie Trowe at The Militant:

The three-day Socialist Workers Party-sponsored Active Workers Conference begins June 16 in Oberlin, Ohio, less than five weeks from now.… Read more ...

U.S. District Court Sets May 19 Oral Argument in Kentucky Ballot Access Case

judgeFrom Richard Winger at Ballot Access News:

U.S. District Court Judge Gregory Van Tatenhove will hear oral argument in Libertarian Party of Kentucky v Grimes, 3:15cv-86, on Thursday, May 19, at 11 a.m. in the federal courthouse in Frankfort, Kentucky. Case number 3:15cv-86. The Constitution Party is a co-plaintiff.

The issue is Kentucky’s failure to have a procedure by which a previously unqualified party can become a qualified party, in advance of an election.… Read more ...

Barry Grey at the World Socialist Web Site: ‘Socialist Alternative: Charlatanry and lies in support of Sanders’ “political revolution”’

Socialist Alternative
The following is from Barry Grey at the World Socialist Web Site.  Please note that the WSWS is affiliated with the Socialist Equality Party, which is fielding its own presidential ticket instead of supporting Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders is shifting into the next phase of his mission on behalf of the American ruling elite, seeking to corral the millions of youth and workers who responded to his campaign and direct them behind the war criminal and Wall Street stooge Hillary Clinton.… Read more ...

Niles Niemuth: Support the Struggle of Detroit Teachers! Unite the Working Class in a Fight Back!

From the World Socialist Web Site:

Niles Niemuth is the Socialist Equality Party’s candidate for vice president in the 2016 US elections. For more information on the SEP campaign, visit You can also follow Niles and SEP presidential candidateJerry White on Facebook.

This statement was delivered by Niles and distributed to teachers by campaign supporters Tuesday afternoonoutside a mass membership meeting called by the Detroit Federation of Teachers (DFT).Read more ...

Gloria La Riva: ‘Trump Will Be the Republican Nominee – Sanders Stages Another Upset’

Gloria La Riva

Gloria La Riva

From Liberation News:


Donald Trump’s victory intonight’s Indiana primary has pushed Ted Cruz to suspend his campaign. The Republican establishment’s “Defeat Trump” bid has failed.

The Gloria La Riva for President Campaign remarked on the latest development in the 2016 U.S. elections. “The frontrunners Trump and Hillary Clinton embody the rigged nature of the elections.… Read more ...